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Your Top 10 Brand Questions Answered

We’ve been asked nearly every question under the sun from our brands, so we’ve answered the most important ones below.


I've never used influencer marketing before, what's the deal? 

It’s about real people giving real endorsements of real products. Brands can connect directly with influencers and pay for authentic endorsements for their product or service. This authenticity allows your brand to reach consumers who directly relate to your brand. It’s a lot cheaper than pouring money into traditional advertising and it’s the most authentic form of endorsement currently available to brands. 


How much does TRIBE influencer marketing cost?

TRIBE charges a $299 + GST for all campaigns sent live on the TRIBE platform. It’s called the Campaign Activation Fee. You're free to browse all the content submissions in your campaign inbox, and you aren't charged until you approve content. When you do approve a submission, we charge 30% commission on top of the Influencer's fee - this is known as the TRIBE Fee.

Have a set budget for the year? Choose what you pay for branded content with our bespoke pricing model for teams of all sizes.


How do I create an Influencer Marketing campaign with TRIBE?

Create your campaign in the campaign builder and let the submissions roll in. Once the submissions start, select which content you’d like to pay for. If you have any feedback, you can contact the influencer directly from your inbox and negotiate price. 


How can I get the most out of influencer marketing with TRIBE?

TRIBE is an incredibly powerful platform if used well, so here's a few quick tips:

1. Write a clear brief outlining exactly what you’re after. This will save you from any submissions that miss the point and aren’t on brand.

2. Write a basic CTA outlining EXACTLY what you want as clearly as possible.
Once the campaign is live watch the submissions roll in and make sure you stay on top of your inbox. You can do this by declining any posts you don’t want as quickly as possible to make way for more content submissions.

3. Show some flair with your brief. Influencers tend to prefer campaigns with strong brand tone of voice and encourage those that are well aligned 
with your brand.

For more info on each of these dot points head on over here


Can you ask an influencer to make changes to their post or price? 

You sure can! Use the chat window in your campaign inbox as much as possible to chat to and negotiate with influencers. They aren’t scared of feedback, in fact they crave it, so open the dialogue if the influencer hasn’t quite nailed the brief.


Do I have to provide feedback to the influencer if they're declined?

Please don’t go breaking our influencer’s hearts. Remember, these influencers are genuine fans of your brand who have taken time to celebrate your product. We value the time they take to create content, and we want them to keep producing top quality content, so be constructive with your feedback as best you can!


If I pay for the influencer content, do I own it?

If only copyright was this easy! When you pay an influencer think of it as paying for the exposure on their platforms rather than paying for their images. You can certainly repost their content on your own social channels with credit. But if you’re looking for beautiful content to post on your socials and boost with media spend, we can organise that for you too, just contact your account manager!


If I want to send samples to influencers, how does that work?

If you want to send samples or reimburse influencers for their purchases make sure you let them know in the campaign brief so they can include that into their submission price.


Do I approve the post if I'm sending samples?

Hold off on the approval until you’ve sent them the product and the influencer has resubmitted with an original image of your product. Once they’ve resubmitted go ahead and approve the post!


Can I manage my brief on the app?

The app is only available for influencers while brands can use the website. The website is available to view on multiple devices and most browsers however the website feels more at home on Google Chrome.


What are the most successful influencer marketing campaigns?

The best campaigns encourage creativity, originality and challenge our best influencers to strive for top tier content with each submission.


What do I do if I haven't received any new content submissions to my TRIBE campaign?

There’s a few things you can do to boost the submissions to your campaign and capitalise on the creativity of our influencers.

Contacting your Account Manager is always the first thing you need to do if you have any questions or concerns about a live campaign. We can spend some time looking at the requirements of the campaign and target influencers that we know will fit best to encourage more submissions and approvals.

Now that you’ve got the most important influencer marketing FAQs under your belt, jump into the test campaign builder below and get creative!