Marketers in pyjamas


Your lighthearted
during lockdown.



As we confront our new reality; seeing inside our colleagues’ kitchens, hearing kids fight in the next room and starting every meeting with “you’re still on mute”; one thing we know for sure… Marketers still need to deliver.


Join Facebook and TRIBE’s Jules Lund, as we stream into the homes of the world’s most innovative marketers to uncover how they’re leading their teams to use this disruption as an opportunity to thrive, not just survive.


We’ll deconstruct the tools, tactics and tricks these agile marketers are deploying to pivot their strategies and trial new marketing channels so they can achieve more with less.

All while wearing sweatpants.


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From the homes of the world’s most innovative marketers...

• Tom Goodwin, Publicis Groupe
• Naomi Shepherd, Facebook
• Mark Ritson, Marketer
• Carmen Bekker, KPMG
• Brent Smart, IAG



Join Business guru, Mark Bouris, as he covers:

• What every successful leader needs to do right now
• How social media can be a life-raft for your teams
• What Kerry Packer taught him about crisis survival
• Mark’s daily mental health hacks
• How to deliver lay-offs and pay-cuts to your staff
• For up-to-date business advice from Mark during this time, head to


Join independent director of a portfolio of companies, angel investor and former CMO of Unilever, Keith Weed as he covers:

• How to keep global teams connected through this tough time
• Why putting your customers first is crucial
• The two biggest shifts happening in media right now and how we can seize the opportunity
• Tips to pivot your priorities as a current marketer
• How we can use the commute time we’re saving (he’ll be making strawberry jam!)

Join award-winning founders of creative agency, Genius Steals, Rosie and Faris Yakob, as they cover:

How one Irish Whisky brand pivoted their St. Patrick’s Day marketing strategy
How influencers can spread the ‘social distancing’ message
The app Rosie swears by for self care (and marriage preservation!) 
Faris’ take on Gal Gadot’s celebrity-fueled Imagine singalong
The matching PJ’s Faris and Jules’ 10 year old daughter wear



Join Consumer Psychologist Adam Ferrier, and ABC’s Leisa Bacon as they uncover:

• The innovation developing from ABC’s war room sessions

• The categories Leisa sees as an opportunity for growth and new business ideas

• Which businesses Adam is seeing take advantage of this worldwide shift

• What is the biggest consumer cue that can help you navigate your strategy?

• Does Adam wear pants on conference calls?