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TRIBE's Management and Service Explained

Does TRIBE provide any service?

Absolutely we do!

Service is an important component of successfully utilizing the TRIBE platform. Our technology platform is market-leading, but influencer marketing and content creation is a problem that is best solved with a combination of technology and an expert team to guide you along the way!


What does the service look like?

TRIBE’s approach is a blend of Technology + Team, and we make sure the team is there to help at the important stages of your TRIBE experience. Our service is applied across 3 stages:



Our Customer Success and Creator Community teams are there to help you get started. That means we’ll work with you to understand your influencer marketing experience, objectives, and any specific creator needs you have. We then put this all into an account plan which acts as a 12-month guide for you, and us. We’ll also ensure you’re properly onboarded and trained on how to use the TRIBE platform. And we’ll help build your first Brand-Fans - a group of creators perfectly matched to your needs. And that’s when we get you started on running your first campaign!



Once you’re onboarded, it’s time to start running your activity. Here you’ll get the support of our Campaign Management Team. They’ve run tens of thousands of campaigns and will help you optimize your brief, troubleshoot any problems, and give you guidance (or full buying assistance) on which creators or content best suits your objectives. Depending on your level of service, you’ll also have access to our Creator Community Team, who’ll assist with creator needs, outreach, or help with creator planning and communication.



It’s now time to measure and understand your activity. Our platform will give you all the key metrics and analytics, but our Customer Success Team is there to help you understand these numbers, compare your activity to your account plan, or gain further insights or benchmarks against industry standards. They will also help you transition organic posts into paid ads to drive further performance.


What if I need a lot of assistance?

TRIBE Plus offers a fully managed, tailored solution offering a premium level of service.

We know there is no one-size-fits-all solution to executing elite creator marketing strategies. By subscribing to TRIBE Plus you’ll benefit from a higher level of service tailored to your unique goals and needs - made possible by our industry-leading tech. 

From custom-built creator cohorts to integrated content solutions for Enterprise brands and global teams, your dedicated team will provide the support and expertise you need - when you need it.

With a holistic and strategic approach, you’ll collaborate with your Customer Success, Campaign and Community Managers to discover your goals, define your strategies and tailor a solution that delivers results. We’ll deliver your ideal creators, optimise and manage your campaigns to meet your content requirements and provide guidance and recommendations to drive performance aligned with your strategies. 

Got more questions?

Get in touch and we’ll step you through the platform, and how we add our services to ensure you get the most from your experience.