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Marketing for Social Media with TRIBE’s Data and Analytics

What’s the use of running a TRIBE campaign if you can’t analyse its performance? This blog will not only arm you with the tools and TRIBE analytics to make informed decisions about the influencers you choose to work, but also help you assess the overall impact of your campaign.

It’s important to note that TRIBE only uses first-party data—accessed via Instagram and TikTok's Graph APIs—meaning all our data comes directly from the social platforms; and when running marketing campaigns for social media, accurate analytics are key.

We never use third-party data sources, like others do, as they’re not nearly accurate enough.

So, how can you use our data and analytics to elevate your marketing for social media?

It's important to remember, that measuring Influencer Marketing has evolved. Thanks to TikTok and Reels creators (and all social media content) have the potential to reach audiences far beyond those who follow them.

In saying that, there are three reasons why you’ll absolutely love the influencer data and analytics available to you on the TRIBE platform:


This is one of the most common reasons why our customers love using TRIBE. Awareness is a key player in social media marketing that allows you to reach as many (relevant) people as possible; and reaching new audiences is our specialty. The key numbers you want to look for when making your buying decisions are:


Follower count and engagement. More followers means more people seeing your beautiful content. When you add high engagement, you can bet certain people ARE seeing and engaging with your content; so while they are the most basic, these Instagram analytics are still important in social media marketing.

Audience demographic and location data. As well as performance metrics like engagement, our integration with Meta and TikTok APIs provides first-party audience demographic and location data.

It’s very common for creators to have audiences spread over multiple regions. E.g. a U.S influencer will often have 50% or more of their audience outside of the U.S. Naturally this is reflective of the global nature of social media platforms themselves.

TRIBE audience demographics

We recommend you look for creators with a higher % of their audience in chosen regions, rather than having a hard-lined approach that requires a creator's audience to only be in a single place. If you do however need to reach hyper-targeted audiences, the most effective way is via Creator Ad Boosting, or licensing your top-performing content to amplify in your own advertising channels. 


Reach and impressions. When marketing for social media, your reach and impressions data tell you how many people saw your content. TRIBE also gives you a prediction of how many people will see your content before you purchase your post.

TRIBE Pre-Purchase Performance Metrics

An influencer with one million followers may only achieve a reach of 100K of their audience, so this data enables you to make decisions that are beyond the surface level of followers and engagement.

CPM (cost per thousand impressions) - this is a common media metric, but on TRIBE it’s a little different. Since our influencers already include the cost of producing the content into their post price, TRIBE’s CPM data includes the cost of creative and the reach, which can seem a little expensive compared to other channels. Nevertheless, customers wanting to drive awareness whilst also being price-conscious will often rank their inbox according to CPM. 



CPE (cost per engagement) - this will determine the relative value of your purchases. Whilst an engagement will not tell you if the content led to a website visit or an E-commerce purchase, it will help you determine which creators are pricing their submissions economically. This could be a game changer if your marketing for social media is ramping campaign CPE

Post-campaign, you can rank creators by CPE and CPM and determine who you’d like  to add to your Brand-Fans - a bespoke hub on the TRIBE platform that houses your top-performing brand ambassadors. Sort them into groups, invite them to private campaigns or build ongoing collabs - the choice is yours!


EMV (Earned Media Value) - Earned Media Value, in a nutshell, is used to quantify the value of organic and earned activity like social media content and influencer marketing. It helps gauge your ROI by calculating the estimated spend that would have been required on traditional paid media to achieve the same results as your organic activity.

Unlike paid channels where you ‘spend a dollar to get a dollar,’ EMV is vital to measuring the positive impact of UGC or creator collaborations on social media.

TRIBE provides a creator's estimated EMV (based on their 24 most recent posts) to help gauge your estimated return on investment before collaborating with them. Upon campaign completion, EMV is calculated on all individual published posts and your campaign as a whole. We also provide an EMV multiplier which provides an instant snapshot of your ROI.


Creator Ads - whilst you can collect reach, impressions and video view data on your TRIBE campaigns, marketing for social media is all about amplifying your success. For true performance, turn your organic creator posts into Creator Ads - aka Meta Partnership Ads (formerly Branded Content Ads), or TikTok Spark Ads. This will allow you to add a call-to-action while also targeting your precise audience, just like you would any paid social ad.

TRIBE Branded Content Ads

Creator Ads combine the power of organic reach with precise audience targeting and analytics from Meta and TikTok. They truly allow creator marketing to become performance marketing for social media. In fact, when Creator Ads are combined with standard brand ads, they are 97% more likely to drive cost-effective action intent than brand ads alone (Instagram for Business Brand Building Playbook 2020).

Licensing Content - your other option to drive performance is to license the highest organically-performing content through the TRIBE platform. If you rank your published posts by engagement, you can see which content resonates most with audiences and license that raw asset directly from your personal branded Content Library. You can then set up your own performance ads from your brand’s Meta or TikTok Ads Manager, and drive to a landing page or an E-commerce conversion.



Whilst creativity is in the eye of the beholder, a creator's engagement rate provides metric-based insight into how much their content resonates with their audience. Remember: creators know what style of content their audience loves, so rank your inbox by predictive engagement and use data to help make informed selections.

TRIBE's Content Library

The best part? If the content performs exceptionally well, you can license assets after an influencer posts them (or directly from your Content Library!) to use in any channel you choose.

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Here's a full glossary of our pre and post-purchase performance metrics and what they mean.

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