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TRIBE’s Creator Performance Metrics Means Smarter Marketing For You

Our Product Team has released something we know you savvy marketers will love: creator performance metrics.

Now, you're able to dive even deeper into a Creator’s post insights before you approve their post, with these four additional pre-purchase metrics. 

These metrics are accessed via the Instagram API, which means it’s 1st party data directly from Creator profiles, and is comparable with your other digital marketing metrics.

What's new?



The average number of unique people who see this Creator's posts.


The average number of unique people who see this Creator's posts, as a percentage of their total following.


The average number of times this Creators’ post is seen.

ESTIMATED CPM (cost per thousand impressions): 

Calculated as an average of the Creator's impressions while taking into account the cost of the post.


What’s in it for you?

Reach and impressions data will help you decide which Creators' posts to purchase. Gone are the days where you measure Influencer Marketing by engagement (likes and comments), soon you'll be able to measure it based on predictive reach and views of the post; meaning more informed decisions behind your spend. 

It’s simple: Access to more insights = more informed purchase decisions = improved performance.


Who can access these metrics?

These advanced insights are exclusive to TRIBE’s Subscribers.

To learn more about these pre-purchase metrics and unlock access to a load of other features and savings, check out our subscription pricing page.


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