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Brand-Fans: Create More Meaningful Relationships With Influencers

Keen to move beyond one-off posts and cultivate your own community of brand ambassadors?

Introducing Brand-Fans; a new hub that automatically saves TRIBE Creators you’ve collaborated with in the past. From here you can create groups, invite your Brand-Fans to private campaigns and build ongoing collaborations; all in one place.

What are the benefits?


Need content fast? Activating Creators you know deliver on the style you love, will slash your turnaround times.


Had a last-minute pivot in your strategy? Got a super-niche product that's just hit the market? The more groups you create, the more flexible you can afford to be. Especially if you’re managing multiple brands at once. There’s no limit to how many Brand-Fan groups you create or how specific you can be.


brand fans


Make your Creators feel like VIP’s and they’ll reward you with loyalty. Who knows where this could lead? Maybe one day they could answer surveys, attend your events or write online product reviews.


How does Brand-Fans work?

1. We’ll aggregate Creators you've worked with in the past
2. Organise your favourites by adding them to a Brand-Fans group (you can do this via the 'All Creators' filter or directly from your Campaign Inbox)
3. Invite a group to a private campaign or nudge them to submit to a live one
4. Sit back while your Brand-Fans shower you with eye-catching content

With every campaign you run, your Brand-Fans grow; and in no time you’ll have a band of trusty Creators. It’s like your own creative department.


Coming up... Ongoing Collabs!

Soon, we’ll make it even easier to nurture your BFF’s (Brand-Fans Forever 😜). Rather than Creators submitting a one-off post, they’ll be able to offer a bundle—e.g. 1 feed post and 2 Stories per month, for 3 months. Not only will you receive bulk discounts, it'll be another way to build more meaningful relationships with your best-performing Creators.


How do I unlock my Brand-Fans?

You can access this advanced feature through a Pro Subscription. Head here to select the pricing model that best meets your needs.

Already on a Pro Subscription? Reach out to your Customer Success Manager for an exclusive demo of this brand new feature.

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