Brand Safety By TRIBE

TRIBE's Commitment to Brand Safety

Influencer Marketing is about to become the next Billion Dollar Industry, so as this channel takes up an increasingly larger share of marketing strategies, it's never been more important to ensure the platforms and agencies you work with are committed to the highest standard of integrity.

TRIBE was built with these values in mind, which is why we we’ve always delivered content up front, the ultimate safety for any Brand. 

Not only do you get to ensure each piece of content aligns with your brand and strategy but you can also be confident that the content in your TRIBE inbox has been crafted by authentic influencers.

We ensure this by running periodic scans on each and every Influencer on TRIBE to identify irregularities that might indicate fraudulent behaviour.

In the earliest stages of TRIBE’s development, we created fake accounts that emulated the worst behaviour such as ripping content, buying engagement and using follower bots. 

The findings of this study were then dissected by our data science team who constructed a set of patterns and key indicators to identify fraudulent influencers. This became our proprietary Audience Vital Signs (AVS) algorithm.

By scanning every influencer on entry into our network and multiple times per day we’re preventing any inauthentic accounts from entering our platform and more importantly, from entering your TRIBE inbox. 

So not only are you saving yourself time checking each influencer but your campaign budget goes further. 

We’re constantly refining and updating our AVS to make sure we’re picking up on any new fraudulent techniques so that we can maintain our platform integrity, and you have less to worry about! 

Today, there are four main components of our brand safety pledge. If you’d like to know more about each of these components, please click through to a more detailed explainer. 


Audience Vital Signs (AVS) is TRIBE’s proprietary system to prevent inauthentic influencers from using our platform.

AVS uses machine learning to detect suspicious accounts and is constantly evolving with industry fraud patterns. 

Every account on TRIBE is analysed on sign up and every 6 hours after that.

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Every submission made to the TRIBE marketplace is scanned to ensure that 
it is original content. 

We compare each piece of content against publicly available images and each creator submission historically to ensure that you are receiving tailored content in your Inbox.


Against every submission to your TRIBE campaign you will see a 5-star rating 
or the influencer. 

In addition to being a measure of the Influencer’s quality and experience in 
our marketplace, their rating is penalised whenever they are detected to be doing anything not completely above board i.e. using automated following services 
to grow their account.

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Ongoing Compliance

The boring stuff, but.. our growing compliance team works around the clock to ensure that your TRIBE campaign runs without a hitch.

Every submission is monitored to ensure that nothing out of the ordinary occurs at the time of publish and that posts are kept up for the required 30 day period.

The patterns and tools being used by fraudulent Influencers are constantly evolving and so are each of these systems.

If you have any more questions about our commitment to your brand's safety in the marketplace, take a look at our FAQs here