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What is an Influencer?

We classify an Influencer as someone with 3000+ real followers on just one of our three partner platforms: Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. In time you'll be able to connect more social platforms into TRIBE.

Who are the Brands?

TRIBE is open to all brands, and those that represent them, including PR, Media, Advertising or Creative Agencies. Some brands will naturally attract more submissions from Influencers than others.

Does this fit within advertising regulations?

Yes. In the US, UK, Europe and many other parts of the world, you are required by law to disclose a sponsored post. The easiest way to do this is to simply include #ad. In Australia, it’s currently just a guideline; however, we strongly recommend you include #ad anyway so your audience can easily identify branded content. For further guidance, see our T&Cs.

How does TRIBE make money?

TRIBE charges brands a 20% commission on top of any post they purchase. For influencers, TRIBE is a completely free service.

Who generates the content?

Brands create the campaign briefs and from those, Influencers create the posts. Brands can be represented by anyone from PR Agencies to Media Agencies. But ONLY the Influencer can construct their post.

Who owns the content?

The Influencer owns the content, as it's been generated by them with a financial contribution from a brand to be featured within it. Therefore a Brand can share an Influencer's post within the platform it appears, but cannot use the content for any advertising outside of that. Remember to share the post within the 30 days it's active.

What's the approval process?

From a Brand's campaign brief, Influencers create and submit a post with a price attached. If a Brand approves it, the Influencer can then publish direct to their social media and collect payment. If the Brand has slight changes to the content or price, they can 'Suggest Changes' to the Influencer, who'll either re-submit or move on. If the campaign has ended, the budget has been spent or the Influencer and / or post is not right for the campaign, the Brand can select 'No Thanks'.

How long is an Influencer required to keep their post live?

After 30 days an Influencer may remove the post. Although most leave the post on their feed as they would any other.

What are TRIBE House Rules?

Our House Rules can be found in our terms of use. In order to protect the integrity of our marketplace, these are a set of principles we expect our Influencers and Brands to abide by. Feel free to suggest an addition at hello@tribegroup.co . 

What if an Influencer or Brand breaches House Rules?

We take our House Rules extremely seriously and have the power to suspend an account immediately. If you feel a member has breached our guidelines, please notify us at hello@tribegroup.co .

In feedback, why are phone numbers and emails hidden?

Unfortunately not all brands or influencers are open to receiving phone calls or emails outside the platform, so to protect their privacy we've hidden their details. But don't hesitate to reach out to us if there's anything in particular you need from a brand.

Do you work with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter?

Yes. We have a close working relationship with the main Social Media platforms and chat to them regularly about the best way to achieve reach and engagement.



Why is TRIBE requesting permission to post to my social account?

Never fear, you’ll be the only person who ever posts to your account. Giving us permission, is really just giving you the ability to post through our App, which is how we know when to pay you. And no we can’t see your Direct Messages.

How much should I charge?

Based on our own research, we've designed a RATE CARD within the App. Although we recommend you start off low, and only raise it if you feel you can. It goes without saying; the higher your fee, the stronger your recognition, content and audience engagement should be. 


Followers Per Account Ballpark Rate Per Post
3-20K $75-$300
20-100K $300-$600
100-250K $550-$800
200-500K $800-$1200
500K+ $1200+
How do I get the brands' products?

Unless there are unique circumstances (i.e. item is yet to be released) brands won't send you product through TRIBE. Our platform is about authentic advocacy of products you already love or are willing to try. After all, if an influencer isn't prepared to buy a product, how can they recommend their tribe does?

What happens if I've purchased the product but had my post declined?

It's disappointing, but purchasing a product without getting paid to recommend it is no different than any other purchase made by you outside of TRIBE.

Is TRIBE cutting out Talent Agents?

Not at all. We work very closely with Talent Agencies to offer a work-flow solution so they can now manage all of their client's Influencer campaigns in the one location. Ask us how at hello@tribegroup.co.

Are brands allowed to negotiate my asking price?

Yes. Like any marketplace, this will happen. But only accept if you feel comfortable.

Once approved, how long do I have to post?

You should post within 48 hours, unless otherwise directed by the brand.

Who'll be able to see I'm in your platform?

You can browse campaigns anonymously if you wish - simply change the setting in your profile. When you submit a post for approval, only the brand manager will be able to see who you are.

Where's my money?

Once you publish your approved post, we'll transfer you the agreed amount into your nominated bank account within 24hrs. You can edit your bank details any time in your TRIBE app under 'YOU'.

Why do you ask for my ABN?

If you are GST registered, we require your ABN for any payouts we make to you.

Why is no one accepting my offers?

Be patient. Often brands like to see a number of Influencer offers before they accept any or all of them. You may also want to re-submit with a lower offer, as high rates can deter brands.

Is there such a thing as too many sponsored posts?

Yes. TRIBE is based on the principle that we naturally feature brands in our social posts, paid or not. But the moment your followers feel that you're taking more than you give, you'll lose influence. Only you can determine how often you should post, but we urge you to be overly conservative, and if in doubt, we're here to offer one-to-one guidance.

Will I receive backlash for my sponsored posts?

From time to time you may experience negativity, however if you create organic and entertaining content, your audience is likely to respond positively. You invest an enormous amount of energy into your audience, and provided you're not greedy, you deserve to be rewarded.

Can I connect more than one account of the same social platform... ie two Facebook accounts?

We accommodate numerous Facebook Pages, but at present the only way to achieve the same result for Twitter and Instagram is by disconnecting an account and connecting another. Hit us up at hello@tribegroup.co if you’ll like us to walk you through it.

I heard you have a cool group of Influencer Advisors... Can I join?

Damn straight! Email us at hello@tribegroup.co



Is TRIBE cutting out PR, Media, Advertising or Creative Agencies?

Not at all. Because we don't mind who posts a campaign on behalf of the brand, we work very closely with agencies of all shapes and sizes to help them perform their jobs with greater impact and efficiency.

How do I use the App as a brand?

The TRIBE App is for influencers to submit content, however feel free to download it as a brand so you can browse live campaigns for inspiration. When you're ready to build your own, head to brand.tribegroup.co

How can I be sure I'm not paying to reach fake followers?

It's important for a brand to look through the engagement of Influencers who make offers. Accounts with fake followers are easy to determine from almost no interaction, or social profiles filled with spam. If we identify an Influencer with fake followers, we'll remove them from our platform.

Is there a set-up or subscription fee?

No. You'll only ever get charged when you purchase an Influencer's post. We don't hold any funds from your card and it costs you NOTHING to post a brief, reach our database of Influencers and browse their submitted posts. But to protect our Influencers, we ask you how many posts you intend to purchase before your campaign goes live (based on an average of $220 + GST per post).

When does payment get charged to my credit card?

TRIBE will only ever charge your credit card when you approve an influencer's content. We don't charge to build a brief or review all the content submitted by influencers.

Can I browse Influencers before I post a campaign?

Hand-picking Influencers is like trying to target individual buyers on eBay. Instead TRIBE is a true marketplace, designed for unprecedented scale. To have the countries biggest pool of Influencers, we've also taken onboard their preference to browse campaigns anonymously. The moment they submit a post to your campaign however, we'll provide all the info you need to click through to their social profiles and assess their suitability.

Is there a minimum spend?

No, however most brands allocate budget so that they can purchase submissions as they come through. The average TRIBE campaign is $3,000–$5,000 + GST, which is approximately 20 posts (average post fee is $220 + GST). All quoted pricing includes TRIBE fees and excludes GST.

How do I post a campaign?
Just go to brand.tribegroup.co and we'll walk you through our 5 easy steps.
How can I ensure an Influencer doesn't now promote my competitor?

What keeps Influencers honest is the potential disengagement from their followers if they're seen to be selling out and promoting competing brands in quick succession. We suggest you spend time in choosing your Influencers carefully by browsing their previous posts to ensure they respect a Brand’s need for loyalty.

Can I pay with products?

No. In fact, we don't even encourage sending product samples for Influencers to post about. If an Influencer doesn't already own the product, or isn't willing to buy it, they have no right to recommend it. The exception to the rule is when a product is yet to launch or inaccessible to an Influencer. In which case we'll arrange for you to send them your samples.

How do I get product sample to the influencer?

We don't encourage sending product samples for Influencers to post about. If an Influencer doesn't already own the product, or isn't willing to buy it, they have no right to recommend it. The exception to the rule is when a product is yet to launch or inaccessible to an Influencer. In which case we'll arrange for you to send them your samples.

Can we supply artwork to an influencer?

If your product is hard to access for influencers, then we suggest you direct influencers to your website or social accounts where they can source your owned images. Without permission from brands, we do not allow our influencers to post third party content they do not own.

I don't recognise any Influencers?

Unless you follow them on social media, you most likely won't. Rest assured their audience knows who they are, which is why they've accumulated such a large tribe who love their content.

Can we check an influencer's social engagement before approval?

Sure, feel free to browse the influencers' social accounts to see what level of engagement they're achieving. Soon we'll display all the analytics you need for a faster assessment.

Is a post guaranteed to reach all the influencer's fans?

No. Social Media platforms have algorithms to determine how relevant a post will be. The more engaging, the greater the reach. That's why it's important to chose your Influencers carefully. Behind the scenes, we're developing TRIBE Amplification, where brands can pay an additional amount to the social platform to boost an Influencers post, ensuring it reaches their entire audience.

Can I get a better breakdown of an Influencer's followers?

We're soon to launch this feature, but appreciate a Brand's need for more sophisticated audience targeting. You'll soon be able to filter beyond an Influencer to target precise demographics of their audience.

What if I don't like the posts being submitted?

Brands have less control in social influencer campaigns compared with traditional media. Influencers have developed a unique dialect with their tribe over thousands of personal interactions. These can include everything from bad grammar to amateur photography, and despite it not appearing like premium content, the value of a post is measured by audience interaction and the Influencers credibility. That still doesn't mean the post is a right fit for your brand, so choose carefully and feel free to 'Suggest Changes' to the Influencer if you value them, but not the post.

How do I choose an Influencer?

Get shopping! When an Influencer submits a post, click through to their social feed to assess their tone of voice, engagement and brand-fit.

What if I'm unhappy with the final results?

Results will vary according to a number of variables within social media we can't control. Contact us at hello@tribegroup.co and we'll happily walk through any posts submitted for your campaign to help you get the best bang for your buck.

How do I know if this Influencer is worth their fee?

This is totally subjective but if you ask us... it's the fun part. How you measure the value of a post may come down to the creativity of the content, the familiarity of the Influencer, the size and engagement of their tribe, and how well they fit your brand.

What if the Influencer publishes the incorrect post?

In the rare event this occurs, please contact us at hello@tribegroup.co and we'll rectify the situation. You won't be charged for posts not published as agreed.

Why is no one submitting posts for my campaign?

Be patient. It may take at least a week for campaigns to receive Influencer submissions. If after a week you still have no response, we suggest you re-craft your campaign or widen the Influencer interests you're seeking.

How do I measure my campaign's success?

We're busy developing the sophisticated analytics you need to measure the impact of the Influencer's post you purchased, these will be available once we complete our beta phase.