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How Long To Keep Your TRIBE Influencer Content Live

You've pressed publish on your sponsored post and the money has hit the bank. KACHING! Before you move on and upload the next pics, there's some T&C's you need to be aware of when it comes to deleting influencer content:

“The post must stay on the top of your feed for minimum 5 hours and on your platform for 30 days.”

You'll be introduced to this in the T&C’s you agree to when you first jump on TRIBE and start submitting and winning. If for some reason you didn’t read the terms and conditions (which is weird because EVERYONE does), this is an important rule not to be ignored.

If you breach this and post something within 5 hours of your post OR delete it before 30 days pass, you might have to refund the brand. It's a big deal. 

Why Is It So Important?

When a brand purchases your content, they’re purchasing two things - the content itself, and exposure to your audience when you post it.

They want your post to have the best possible chance to impact your followers, which is why we have these guidelines. They ensure your post achieves its full potential, so both you and the brand can get the best results out of your time with TRIBE.

You need to give it the limelight it deserves.

Why 30 Days Before Deleting A Sponsored Post?

First off, you don’t need to delete it at all. You should be proud of your work!

But, for those who have their reasons, the 30 day lifespan of a sponsored post is important because engagement doesn’t die after a few days like some think.

Statistically only half the engagement you receive will occur within the first 7 days of uploading. The rest then filters through over the next 23 days until it slows around the 30 day mark.

So for you to get the absolute most out of your post, 30 days is the magic window. 

In the end, this rule benefits influencers too. 

By giving your post the best possible chance to impact your audience, you’re showing your full potential to the brands. When you do that, you increase your chances of approvals! It's a win-win!


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