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Get Prepped To Earn BIG This Holiday Season

You wouldn’t leave your Christmas gift shopping till the last minute (well, maybe you would – no judgment). So, why would you leave your holiday content planning to the last minute?

These last few months of the year are when customers spend the most on their holiday shopping – and brands want in on the action. They’ve got big budgets to spend on influencer marketing, and the most creative, eye-catching content will win approvals.

Don’t leave it till Christmas Eve! Dive into your influencer holiday prep now.

Top Holidays tips for Influencers


There’s a lot coming up – think about it. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Christmas all fall within the last 10 weeks of the year.

From gifts and outfits to decorations and food, there are SO many exciting aspects to the holiday season, and SO many opportunities to achieve a big win for your influencer income. 

Get your calendar out and start planning how you’ll attack each holiday.



Whether it’s your local grocery store, your favourite makeup brand, or your gym, lots of brands will be leaning into the festive spirit and looking for great branded content. 

Brands will typically kick-off their seasonal campaigns a few weeks before a holiday. Keep an eye out for briefs coming in, and get a head-start by researching the types of content your fave brands like. You can even take a look at some past campaigns to see what sort of content is typically approved.


Halloween makeup and Christmas decorations can be purchased in advance to help you get ready – and it doesn’t need to cost you a fortune. You can find some great stuff to help you style your posts in thrift stores, online or maybe even hidden away in your garage!


Thinking outside the box can help you delight brands with amazing content and boost your chances of approval. Check out how Stories and Carousels can add some flare to your post submissions and increase your earning potential.

There’s SO much you can do with Stories. Consider using features like Questions, Music or Quizzes to add some flare to your imagery. Experiment with Videos and Boomerangs to mix up the type of content you’re creating.

Outside of the ‘gram, you can even think about trying out some new editing software or apps to get more creative.


Looking for some serious wins this holiday season? Brush up on some of the top tips for creating great influencer content.

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Ready to get festive and start creating?

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