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5 Tips From A Top TRIBE Creator

If you’re new to TRIBE, at first it might seem scary to create and submit posts to brands before getting paid for your content. But, you also get more creative control and a higher earning potential than other platforms. We put YOU in the driver’s seat, allowing you to choose when, how and for which brands you want to create content.

So if you’re new here, we've put together a few pointers on how to get started - from creator to creator.

Sonali of @sugaretal is no stranger to dishing up delicious content left, right and centre. As an influencer, photographer, author and dessert connoisseur with a massive 93k following, we could think of no one better to give budding creators the inside scoop on how to make a career from their content.

Meet Sonali

I love TRIBE not only for the extremely supportive and beautiful people behind the scenes, but also for the opportunities and avenues it has opened up for me in the last 2+ years.

TRIBE not only enabled me to do what I love and get paid for it, but helped my favourite brands discover me. This in turn has translated into long-term relationships with specific requirements that align with my personal brand.


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Top 5 Tips for early success

1. Stay true to your niche but don’t be afraid to diversify.

Even though I’m primarily a dessert/food influencer, I love submitting to creative campaigns which may be outside my niche but can be represented through food. This could be entertainment, financial services, online courses, app launches and so on. In fact, NAB and Paramount Pictures are some of my favourite campaigns to date.


@sugaretal-ParamountFor Paramount


2. Don't be afraid of declines.

It’s important to remind yourself that declines are normal. They are not personal and they should encourage you to try harder. As Dean Graziosi, world famous business coach, says, ‘failing fast is the quickest way to your next level of life’. So more submissions = more chances of success!

3. Stand out from the rest.

More often than not, your chances of getting an approval are higher when you surprise the brand with something they’re not expecting. Be creative! Mood board images offer a guideline, but brands are appreciative when you add your personal spin on it. Take pancakes for example. People have seen enough of them stacked up tall with fruits and dripping off sauces – boring! How about pancake tacos instead?


sugaretal-contentFor Glad | For Proud & Punch

4. Go the extra mile.

Brands often love submissions that include a value-add, like a personal story, a small recipe in the caption, extra information about the brand’s offerings or values that may not be mentioned in the brief. I ALWAYS make a point to read up about the brand online if I’m not familiar with them to gather some extra info.

5. Make a good impression.

Behind the app and campaigns are real people. When they send you feedback or are negotiating a price, keep the tone positive, lighthearted and respectful. These days most brands post briefs several times a year. You'd be surprised at how many brand managers or agencies recognize and remember you if you make a positive impression. It makes for a great ongoing relationship.


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