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VIP Campaigns: Everything Creators Need to Know

Did you know there are different types of campaigns in the TRIBE app?

The most common are our Social Campaigns - where you collab with brands to shoot content that you’ll post to your Instagram, TikTok or Pinterest accounts.

Then we have Content Campaigns - where you collab with brands to shoot content for them to license and use across their own marketing channels.

They both appear in your campaign feed and can be seen by all creators who can scroll through and choose their fave, or best-matched, brands to pitch to.

But, there’s a NEW campaign type on the block.

Introducing VIP Campaigns!

They're still Social or Content Campaigns, but what sets them apart is they’re campaigns you have been personally invited to for a very specific reason.

Let’s break those reasons down. 

Why have I been invited to a VIP Campaign?

There's many reasons why brands might run a VIP Campaign, but the reason you specifically receive an invite will always be about you.

These invites aren’t to be ignored. They mean you’ll have a higher chance of approval or an opportunity for a long-term partnership, and as always - a chance to earn.

These invitations will come your way in two ways:


Sometimes brands are running very bespoke campaigns that require a curated group of niche creators. For example, they might need creators from a specific city, have a certain breed of dog or a unique set of skills or talent. Instead of filling your campaign feed with briefs we know you won’t want, we create custom groups of creators who fit the bill.

In other words, we don’t want you to waste your time reading a brief only to find out you need to live by the beach, have red hair and love skateboarding. BUT, we do want to make sure any red-haired skateboarders are aware of the opportunity.


These campaigns can be a bit out of the ordinary and require the TRIBE team to help facilitate them. They may call for a bespoke number of posts to be published to a specific schedule, travel to a unique location or really detailed creative direction.

There can be quite a bit of coordination involved, and a bit of prep on our end. Each VIP Campaign can have very different needs, but here’s an idea of what you can expect.

📣 A 'Callout Campaign' to scout you first:
This is when the TRIBE team sets up an open campaign calling for relevant creators to submit their interest. It’s kind of like a casting call where we’re asking you to put your hand up.

They help us find specific niches in our global community so you might see things like ‘Calling all French-speaking video creators’. If you tick that box you’ll submit your interest and if you’re a match a TRIBE team member will liaise with you on next steps and be there to help facilitate things from start to finish. 

💌 A direct invitation:
Sometimes we’ll reach out to you directly because we’ve already gotten approval from the brand who wants to collab with you. From there you can, of course, decline if it’s not a good fit for you. Should you accept, the TRIBE team will still liaise with you throughout the campaign. 


What else makes these campaigns different?
Due to their bespoke nature, these campaigns often have set fees, so you know upfront what you’ll earn. The custom fee may be for 1 piece of content or it may cover a content bundle that includes ad rights.

Regardless, the TRIBE team will ensure you have everything you need to know and we’ll always bring you the best offer we can 💰!



Previously called ‘Brand-Fans Campaigns’, this is when a brand you’ve already worked with wants to specifically work with you again. 

Brands REALLY benefit from long-term partnerships with creators because it allows them to:
✅ Build a relationship with you and your audience.
✅ Eliminate time finding new creators and getting them familiar with their brand and requirements.
✅ Run high-performing campaigns by working with creators who’ve delivered great results in the past.

And they’re AWESOME for creators too because they:
✅ Provide greater, and more lucrative opportunities.
✅ Help you maintain a more authentic feed featuring brands you have a genuine connection to.
✅ Increase audience engagement because you’re giving them more of the content that resonates with them. 

You’ll know if a brand has invited you to this type of VIP campaign via:
✅ Your convos with them
✅ A notification in the app
✅ Or, the TRIBE team reaching out to assist

From there, you’ll access the specific brief crafted for you and participate in the campaign like you would any other. 

In summary, you can be invited to VIP Campaigns because you fit a particular niche, have the exact audience requirements or killer content style, or the brand has worked with you in the past and absolutely ♥️ you. 



Where do I find VIP Campaigns?

You can access all of your VIP Campaigns via the category filter at any time.

TRIBE App category filter

Are VIP Campaigns replacing regular TRIBE Campaigns?

Definitely not!

They are in addition to the regular campaigns you'll find in the app.

A lot of brands want the freedom to publish their briefs to the app and have you, our talented and diverse community, submit their creative pitches and select their faves. And we know creators love being able to choose the brands THEY want to work with. This won’t change.

Allowing campaigns with really bespoke needs to run in the same way isn’t sustainable and can ultimately waste a lot of time - including yours. By creating VIP Campaigns we’re able to offer these unique opportunities to loads of creators in a simple, streamlined way AND continue focusing on filling the app with briefs for the entire community.

Any questions? Reach out via the chat in the app. We’re always here to help 🫶