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petit filous
little tikes
fisher price
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RYOBI Sarah Donnison, Social Media Manager and Alex Barr, Social Media Specialist

“We recognised that some of our top-performing content came from TRIBE Creators and we wanted to leverage it more”. Social Media Manager, Sarah Donnison and Alex Barr, Social Media Specialist uncovered an innovative way to inspire DIYers.

By licensing selected content for a website blog, the team then drove traffic towards it using Branded Content Ads from Creator accounts. “This was a successful trial resulting in double digit traffic growth from social when compared to other paid media drivers”.

nuk logo
nuk logo
Nuk Luke Faulkner Senior Manager - Brand Activation & Trade Marketing, Newell Brands

TRIBE allows us to centralise all of our influencer activity into one easy-to-use platform; from sourcing creators and managing contracts to invoicing and reporting. After 22 campaigns, we’re convinced TRIBE’s automation does a whole person’s job, if not more.

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thankyou logo
Thankyou. Daniel Flynn Founder

It would be impossible for us to easily find social leaders willing to promote our cause. Yet TRIBE not only exists within the palm of their hands, but has built such trust that within hours of uploading our campaign, we received 91 content submissions.

family branded content

User-generated content at the drop of a hat

Never run out of eye-catching, branded content that you can license for digital ads and offline use.

family influencer marketing

Influencer marketing done right

It’s authentic. It’s measurable. It’s powerful. Join millions of brands witnessing the impact of Instagram and TikTok.

Find out why some of the world’s biggest brands use TRIBE.


Worked with family influencers and TikTokkers before? Not like this.

content library
  • User-generated content that performs

    Unlock a library of high-quality branded content, license what you love, and use the power of social commerce to reach thousands.

  • Measure performance and track ROI

    Our first-party data and performance analytics means you know what works and what doesn’t.

brand fans
  • Cultivate a community of brand ambassadors

    Move beyond one off posts and build ongoing relationships with your creative brand fans—all within the platform.

  • Let new talent find YOU

    Stop chasing TikTokkers and influencers. Launch a campaign and let talented and diverse creators pitch to you, with content featuring your product.

1 to 1 feedback
  • Track it all in one place

    Consider your influencer comms, sampling, payments and 1:1 feedback sorted. It’s an all-in-one solution for managing your creator community.

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running.wild.and.free for Swizzles
myhipsterkid for Mattel
@gigi_is_irie for showbags.com.au
lifewithbenjamin for lego

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