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The Dos and Don’ts of Working With TRIBE Creators

Our mission at TRIBE is to ‘unlock the world’s creativity’. Some of the world’s biggest brands have collaborated with thousands of TRIBE creators to generate over 1.3 million pics and clips for their creator and influencer marketing.

What’s the one thing the most innovative of these brands have in common?

They’re building authentic communities of creators to spread awareness, and drive sales & conversions with premium user-generated content. They’re not simply finding influencers to talk about their brand on social media because they know genuine collaboration and relationships will result in higher-performing content. Every time. 

Community-driven marketing isn’t a short-term tactic that every brand nails - but we’re here to help make sure you do! Keep reading for the dos and don’ts of building and nurturing your own community of creators on TRIBE.


Firstly, who are TRIBE creators?

Look in the mirror! They’re just like you.

They juggle jobs, study, have families, a house to clean, responsibilities and a social life.

You get it, they’re everyday people who happen to love creating content (and are dang good at it).

Here are the most important things to remember when collaborating with creators on TRIBE. 


✅ First impressions matter

It all starts with the brief. The better your direction, the better the chances you’ll get what you’re looking for.

Our team will be on hand to review your brief before it goes live, but there are some handy tips here too.

When you create a TRIBE campaign, your brand is in front of thousands of creators. Those who pitch to your brief are taking the vulnerable step and putting themselves, and their ideas, out there.

Once pitches start rolling in, being attentive will go a long way to nailing your first impression. 



We don’t expect you’ll have time to chat at length with every creator, but best practice is to log in regularly, respond to submissions, track progress and generally stay on top of your campaign. The creators you choose to work with will love how on the ball you are, and those you don’t will appreciate knowing where they stand, even if they’re not successful.


✅ Their content is only as good as your feedback

Your feedback is the only way the TRIBE team and creators will know what you like. If you love the pitches, great! If you don’t, tell the creators, or us, why - so they can be adjusted accordingly.

The bottom line is your feedback is extremely important, and there’s an art to making it helpful. Here are our guidelines for giving feedback to TRIBE creators;

Respond promptly. No one likes being left on read. Your being responsive will go a long way to ensuring they are too.

Be clear and friendly. Second, third and fourth impressions matter too.

Be transparent and fair when negotiating. Creators know their worth, so don’t lowball them.

Make the collab fun and share your excitement! This could be the start of a beautiful, ongoing relationship.


✅ Trust your community

It’s tempting to have complete creative control. But, the most effective content comes from trusting creators to do what they do best - create. It’s why you chose to work with them.

These are everyday people who make content from a creative passion with engaged audiences who follow them because they love that content.

Great creators know their audience and the kind of content they enjoy.


After arming creators with any specific brand guidelines or legal requirements in your brief, it’s best to let creative freedom reign and offer helpful feedback along the way.

Please note, premium UGC performs well because it’s often raw and unpolished. If your expectations are for pixel-perfect, creative agency-quality content, we might not be the right fit for you. However, if you have specific needs let us know so we can ensure your brief reflects this.


❌ Behaviour that won’t be tolerated

Respect is non-negotiable.

We believe a positive experience for everyone will only be created if respect is shown by all parties. 

Fortunately, bad behaviour is rare on TRIBE however please note the following will 100% not be tolerated by creators or brands on the platform;

❌ Disrespectful language of any kind
❌ Lack of inclusion towards a creator’s sexual orientation, race, religion etc.
❌ Using a creator’s content without the correct license via TRIBE
❌ Lowballing in negotiations - be respectful and consider a creator’s time and skill when negotiating


TRIBE features to help manage your community

Alongside support from your TRIBE team, the platform is packed with features to help keep your community thriving (while saving you time!).

1:1 Chat
Keep your comms all in one place and chat directly with creators to provide feedback, negotiate, collaborate and build your relationships.

Not only a great way to aggregate your estimated spend and performance, but creators receive a notification when you shortlist them - providing a brief indication you’re considering them.

Your Brief
Clarity is vital. Remember, the TRIBE team is there to help optimise it to get you the best results possible. 

The Pitch
Get an idea of what creators want to produce for your brand upfront. Don’t love their first idea but love their style? Ask what else they have and collaborate.

Creator Portfolios
Get a deeper sense of what a creator is capable of by clicking through to their bio and portfolio showcasing their best work.

Bulk Decline
Have loads of submissions that aren’t quite right for the same reason? You can select multiple pitches and decline them together. Just ensure you’re still offering helpful feedback!

Brand-Fans Groups
Use Brand-Fans to add creators you love into private groups to invite exclusively into future campaigns.


The bottom line

Building a creator community takes time and you’ll always get out what you put in. Investing in your community by nurturing positive relationships with creators will have huge benefits for you and your brand;

Authenticity = better results.  Your customers are savvy and can see through a disingenuous paid partnership. Genuine relationships with real creators will result in higher-performing content.

High-quality, on-demand content from an army of creators who know your brand identity.

Positive sentiment for your brand - they’re your customers too after all.


We’re dedicated to ensuring you achieve your goals. If you have any questions about working with the TRIBE creator community, reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

If you’d like to discover more about how our combination of tech + team is a powerful solution for your creator marketing - get in touch here.