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Why TikTok Creators Were the Perfect Fit for UE FITS

TikTok is synonymous with dancing and hashtag challenges. Following closely behind are unboxing and reaction videos that not only garner endless views but for a brand like Ultimate Ears, serve as the perfect way to reach their younger customers… 12 million of them.

A long-term user of TRIBE’s Instagram campaigns (having run over 30 campaigns globally in 3 years!), they knew it was time to trial the power of TikTok. 

To launch their interactive UE FITS wireless earbuds, Ultimate Ears turned to TRIBE’s TikTok campaigns to generate the more unpolished style of short-from video than their Instagram campaigns. It worked like a charm.


The objective

To assist with the launch of their new UE FITS wireless earbuds, Ultimate Ears aimed to drive brand awareness and product sales with engaging video content showcasing the ear-moulding, interactive technology.

The strategy

Wanting to focus on the unique experience of using the UE FITS, Ultimate Ears called on Creators to generate behind-the-scenes style content showing their reactions to custom fitting their own earbuds. Once fitted, Creators shot footage using their UE FITS while enjoying their favorite lifestyle activity: yoga, jogging etc.

The results

By collaborating with TRIBE’s vetted pool of TikTok Creators, Ultimate Ears published 8 posts to an audience of almost 12 million! Top-performing TikTok account, @taylorred, published a video to their audience of over 10 million, which resulted in a CPE of only $0.10.

And did we mention the @taylorred TikTok account is home to triplets? So yes, Ultimate Ears landed 3 Creators for the price of one.


Organic Performance

8 TikTok Posts | 328 Hours of Total Play Time | 125,086 Reached Audience | 307,184 Total Engagements | 295,983 Views | 11,654,207 Total Followers

...and growing


Check out the top performing post


TOP PERFORMER: @taylorred



Watch some content from the campaign

by @apieceofmyglamhome


by @lucybonfanti


by @jeanetteandmia




We asked Ultimate Ears’ Danny Clayton what surprised him most about running his first TikTok campaign;

“TikTok is the wild wild west in social media right now, so everything surprised me. Videos I thought were maybe ‘just fine’ racked up huge views and others I absolutely loved fell a bit flat. So it’s all about testing, learning and tweaking. It reminds me of the first 5 years of Instagram, everything moves so quick, and you have to move with it”


Danny Clayton
Head of Social Media & Influencer Marketing - Ultimate Ears


While experimentation remains the key driver for influencer marketing on TikTok, Ultimate Ears proved success in two key areas.

1. Generating content on a platform that resonated with younger Creators and their audience

2. Tapping into the power of macro TikTok Creators to reach a huge audience for a moderate price

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