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Case Study: How Match Masters Generated Buzz for Their London Event

The objective

pink-tick To promote the Match Master Summer Boost event in London
pink-tick To drive app downloads of the game


The strategy

Addictive mobile game Match Masters invited TRIBE’s TikTok creator community to their Summer Boost event in London. Dozens of creators pitched their creative ideas to the campaign with engaging and interactive content playing the game and promoting the live event.

The content highlighted how fun and addictive the game is while announcing anyone who downloads the game receives an invitation to the live event. To help generate buzz, creators gave their audiences a direct link to download the game in their bios with an invitation to join them there.


Tactics used

Microvs Macro | Driving Cliks/Sales


Check out the top-performing post


TOP PERFORMER: @happeabalance

39,700 Views | 183.9hrs Play Time | 2,903 Engagements | 7.31% Engagement


Organic Performance

15 TikTok Posts | 2,393,125 Followers | 102,671 Views | 95,337 Audience | 269.5hrs Play Time
...and growing



Watch the content here

by @daveanica


by @dianne.salazar


by @eastzhangxx


by @elizabetzauere


by @im_eleonora__


by @interiorsbyjucelma


by @itsnasg


by @justleannex


by @lopwert


by @mr.harry.white


by @robynhoskin


by @sali_mamutchadze


by @vickylizziemcgee


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