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Case Study: How Carex Reached 1 Million Users With Their TikTok First Campaign

The objective

To experiment with influencer marketing on TikTok while driving awareness for their range of hand soaps


The strategy

Having run over a dozen Instagram campaigns via the TRIBE platform, the team at Carex UK were no strangers to collaborating with the TRIBE creator community. Accustomed to generating stunning still photography content for Instagram, their first venture into the world of TikTok brought their brand to life in an entirely new way.

Their #LifesAHandful campaign called for TikTokkers to create quick videos featuring the ‘perfection to reality’ trend with their hand soaps front and centre. Creators pitched ideas like showing their stunning kitchens before revealing the messy reality, or the real workspaces behind the styled version they typically share on social media.


Tactics used

Macro Vs Micro, Going Viral


With such a specific brief the real surprise came from food TikTokker @elburritomonster who shot a burrito wrapping video to a hilarious Carex-themed rendition of Jason Mraz’s ‘I’m Yours’ soundtrack.

The TikTok performed so well it’s a clear example of the experimental mindset marketers need to have when approaching the platform. Creativity is TikTok’s driving force and TikTokkers like @elburritomonster have the talent and ideas to think outside of the box for brands to achieve viral results.

Check out the top-performing post


TOP PERFORMER: @elburritomonster

1.5M Views | 479.2k Followers | 76,679 Engagements | 4893.9hrs Play Time


Organic Performance

10 TikTok Posts | 1,547,776 Views | 1.6M+ Followers | 1M+ Reached Audience | 82,679 Engagements | 5043.8hrs Play Time
...and growing



Watch the content here

by @dailydupz


by @diywithemma


by @gemmasummer


by @kerry_villers


by @nyrah.saleem


by @rebeccaanicole_x


by @tanyahomeinspo


by @tarekkhwiss


by @vickylizziemcgee


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