TikTok Case Studies By TRIBE

Case Study: Working Out 110% Engagement on TikTok

The objective:

To trial TikTok for influencer marketing and drive awareness for their ‘3 free days’ promo

The solution:

With their agency Stripe Communications, The Gym Group dove into the world of TikTok to promote their promo leading up to the Holiday Season. They called on Creators to tell the story of their relationship with the gym and how they find balance between working out and indulgent holidays.

77% of the Creator's audiences fell within their target region allowing their ‘SWEATZERO” promo code to encourage their precise demographic to take advantage of the offer to hit the gym for free.

Tactics used:

Driving Clicks/Sales


Running a TRIBE campaign allowed The Gym Group to hand the creative keys over to TRIBE’s TikTok Creator community who pitched their hilarious and relatable ideas like…

@jacktaylor898’s sarcastic yet endearing viewpoint from a ‘non gym-goer’


@stanleydru working up a sweat before working on some snacks


@nas.jm's hilarious transitions while ‘training for Christmas dinner’


Organic performance

4 TikTok Posts | 540,700 Total Audience | 229,626 Reached Audience | 829hrs of total play time
...and growing


“We were surprised by the creative responses from the talent. It shone through as natural and authentic, and genuinely funny.

The length of watch time for the investment, holding an audience’s attention for that long means our content landed.”


Digital Director (Stripe Communications)


Top-performing post from nurse @lozzij highlights the phenomenal power of TikTok's algorithm and authentic UGC.

With a following of 215k, Lauren’s post achieved a 110% engagement rate, proving relatable storytelling from TikTok Creators is the key to your brand message being heard.

Watch the content here


Top creator performance

...and growing


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