TikTok Case Studies By TRIBE

Case Study: Tangle Teezer Brushes up on TikTok

The objective:

Drive product and brand awareness while sourcing TikTok content for their own channels

The solution:

Tangle Teezer briefed Creators to shoot tutorial-style content for TikTok that brought them success on the 26 Instagram campaigns they had run via the TRIBE platform.

14 diverse and engaging Creators were chosen to produce final content for their collective audience of almost 600k who viewed the content for over 66 hours.


Tactics used:

How-to/Tutorial Content


Top performing post





5,672 Engagements | 36.37hrs of Total Play Time | 29.45% Engagement Rate

...and growing


Watch some of the content here

by @abbienaija


by @itsdanilevi


by @jeanetteandmia


Watch the Content


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