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Case Study: Why TikTok Creators Were the Perfect Recipe for Talenti

The objective

To drive awareness for their products while amplifying their #TalentiSweetandSalty recipe challenge

The strategy

TikTok users love a recipe challenge. With the #foodchallenge hashtag racking up over 9 billion views alone brands have the perfect opportunity to showcase their products in a truly authentic and engaging way. 

Dozens of creators responded to Talenti’s brief to shoot content featuring their gelato in a recipe. The twist? First, the creators chose 1 sweet and 1 salty ingredient (at random) to combine with a Talenti gelato flavor and create a dessert recipe of their choice. Culinary imaginations came to life with combinations of pretzels & cookie dough or potato chips & chocolate to create surprising (and delicious) recipes.


Tactics used

Hashtag Challenge | Micro Creators | How-To/Tutorial Content


Check out the top-performing post


TOP PERFORMER: @mayelasjourney

6.89% Engagement | 78.5hrs Play Time | 11,400 Views | 786 Engagements


Organic Performance

8 TikTok Posts | 184,638 Followers | 19,474 Audience | 21,798 Views | 114.2hrs Play Time

...and growing


Watch the content here

by @milktea.meg


by @natosha.micaela


by @potatoesandpearls


by @wherejuliaeats


by @amycakesbakes


by @chelslikescutefood


by @fluentinfood


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