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Case Study: Finding #SuzukiSuccess on TikTok

The objective:

To trial influencer marketing on TikTok and generate content featuring their branded effect

The solution:

For their first TikTok campaign, Suzuki tested the waters with a hashtag challenge and branded effect. Creators were asked to create video content of themselves achieving ‘success’ in beautiful, random or funny situations and yell at the top of their lungs “SAHHHHHZUUUUUKKKKKIIIII”. To finish, their moment of success is caught in a freezeframe accompanied by the ‘Most Successful Person in Australia’ branded effect. Creators then encouraged viewers to create their own moments using the #SuzukiSuccess hashtag, generating higher reach and brand awareness.

With a brief as creative as theirs, it’s no wonder the TRIBE Creator community were inspired and delivered a variety of ideas and content.


Tactics used:

Branded Effect, Hashtag Challenge


Organic performance

10 TikToks | 38,825 Reached Audience | 58.5hrs of Total Play Time | 63,855 Total Engagements (Including Views)...and growing


Watch some of the content here

by @indeedjakereid


by @joshhelou


by @kassikash


Watch the Content


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