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Case Study: TikTok Creators Settle In With Spar UK

The objectives:

pink-tick Amplify their ‘Make it your night in’ multi-channel marketing campaign

pink-tick Drive awareness for their ‘snack’ products

The solution:

Alongside their wider ‘Make it your night in’ marketing campaign SPAR Supermarkets UK called on the TRIBE Creator community to show their audience what ‘a night in’ meant to them.

The content featured Creators heading in-store to purchase a haul of SPAR’s own-brand crisps and dips before settling in at home for deluxe movie nights, pamper sessions and date nights.


Tactics used:

Macro vs Micro


Organic performance

25,943 Reached Audience | 126.5hrs of Total Play Time | 30,792 Total Engagement (including views)

SPAR UK collaborated with micro and macro TikTokkers. 

Those with the smallest and largest following gained similar CPEs highlighting the power of both on the platform.




TOP MICRO CREATOR: @tatikapaya

180 Engagements | 2,418 Views |  6.5hrs Total Play Time





447 Engagements | 17,300 Views | 90.2hrs Total Play Time

...and growing


Watch the content here

by @meganrighe


by @rubyofmyeye


by @shumidee


by @aimsbbz


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