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A Rundown on the TRIBE Fee

Wondering how much it costs to use TRIBE for influencer marketing? 

We make a 30% margin on a brand’s overall campaign spend.

Is this different from the Campaign Activation Fee?

Yes, it is. The Campaign Activation Fee is charged right before you set your campaign live and covers your Account Manager (who’ll review and help optimize your brief where necessary) and access to TRIBE’s vetted community of engaged Content Creators.

So, what do I get for the TRIBE Fee?

Great question! The TRIBE Fee provides ongoing marketplace support and use of TRIBE’s powerful technology platform: access real-time campaign analytics and insights to drive better performance and measure success, enjoy on-the-go communication with Creators as well as seamless payments and legals, with Content Rights Assignment and Publishing Agreements all facilitated through us.

It’s all about ensuring we can keep offering you an awesome product and experience!


We’re constantly working to improve the TRIBE platform, and we genuinely listen to our brands’ suggestions and ideas to make this happen! Our aim is to make running your campaign as easy as possible. Compared with other Influencer Marketing platforms, TRIBE is:

• FASTER: Instead of going back-and-forth with your Creator to get the post right, a range of influencers will pitch their content to you. Just pick the posts you love!

• CHEAPER: Because TRIBE is a self-serve platform, we don't load you with excessive agency fees, which ensures your total campaign spend is far cheaper than alternatives.

• SAFER: Our ‘Audience Vital Signs’ algorithm scans each Creator account for fraudulent activity four times a day, every day, so you know you’re protected.

• BETTER: The Content-Upfront model inspires influencers to get creative and submit only their best content. It encourages creativity, variety and volume of submissions.


Your Account Manager will work with you to ensure you’re getting the most out of your TRIBE campaign. They’ll constantly help you optimise your campaign towards your objectives, including:

• Reviewing your brief and making suggestions on how to improve its appeal to influencers
• Advising and educating you on how to use the TRIBE platform
• Monitoring the health of your campaign, including quality of submissions
• Boosting exposure through TRIBE’s own marketing channels
• Answering all your questions and queries
• Providing post-campaign reporting including insights and recommendations on how to improve results next time!


We really want your campaign to find its legs and achieve awesome results. That’s why we’ll work with you to manage your Creators. We’ll support you in reviewing and monitoring the quality of your submissions by putting your brief in front of the right influencers and ensuring they respond to your brief correctly.

How is the TRIBE Fee calculated?

We make a 30% margin on a brand’s overall campaign spend. So for example, if you spend $5,000 on influencer posts, the influencers will receive $3,500 and TRIBE will receive $1,500 (30% of your $5,000 budget).

Keep in mind, when a Creator submits a post it will have their price attached to it. The total amount you’ll pay for the post will be higher than this, as it will incorporate our fee and any VAT, TAX or GST costs. 

Hot tip: Keep your influencers happy by always referring to their fee (the Influencer Price) when chatting to them, not the total cost.

How do i find out more?

Easy! Just reach out to your Account Manager if you have any questions. They’re there to help you!

(Please note: the TRIBE app is free for influencers to use.)