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BrandMatch AI: Increasing Your Creator Campaign Performance via Data Intelligence

At TRIBE, we want you to get the most out of our opt-in creator community. Our latest Beta release - BrandMatch AI is designed to help you do just that. 


What is BrandMatch AI?

It’s a powerful, AI-driven percentage score helping you instantly identify which creators to approve based on how precisely their demographics and audience data match your specific campaign requirements.

The higher the % score is, the better the match. The better the match, the better your campaign performs. It’s that simple.

BrandMatch AI in the TRIBE platform


How is the score calculated?

BrandMatch AI builds on other algorithms you’d know, like how your Netflix or Spotify recommends what you might like next.

When building your brief you can specify requirements for creators and their audience, BrandMatch AI determines how precisely a creator matches your requirements.

The best part? You’re in control. BrandMatch AI becomes more powerful the more specifically you target creators and audiences. Taking the time to really consider what you need will impact how well your campaign performs.

If demographics like gender, location or follower count, for example, aren't key for your campaign, you can target more broadly or call on your Customer Success Manager to guide you.


What are the benefits of BrandMatch AI?

1. It’s AI-generated and backed by real-time, first-party data direct from TikTok and Meta - eliminating the guesswork of the creator and their audience.

2. It’s instant. Most creator and audience metrics are displayed individually on each submission in the platform, but the BrandMatch AI algorithm removes manual comparisons by calculating and displaying one powerful score.

3. It adds an extra layer of intelligence to your data-driven decision-making. Whether you’re sifting through dozens of submissions or deciding between two great creators, BrandMatch AI provides a quantitative approach to creator selection.

4 It helps you build a community of creators with highly relevant audiences. Start building Brand-Fan Groups based on demographic data and go to market even faster with creators you already know nail your needs.


Will BrandMatch AI influence who submits to my brief?

We hope so! When building your brief, you’ll input the creators you want to work with and the audience breakdown they need to have. This will produce a BrandMatch AI score that will be displayed on your campaign within a creator’s app, personalized to them. 

BrandMatch AI in the TRIBE creator app

Creators often filter their feed by highest to lowest BrandMatch AI score and are consistently encouraged to submit to campaigns they match. While this may mean you receive fewer submissions than you’re used to, they will be more relevant. 

It’s important to note, creators who don’t perfectly meet all of your requirements may still submit because they have an amazing idea. If they’re still taking the time to submit to your brief, it’ll be for a reason.


Should I always use BrandMatch AI to decide?

That’s up to you, but it’s a good starting point.

Demographics are only one piece of the puzzle and BrandMatch AI doesn’t consider a creator’s average performance metrics or the quality and creativity of the content itself. For example, the top-performing post in Carex’s TikTok campaign came from a creator whose demographics weren’t a perfect match but achieved incredible results. Why? It’s highly creative.  

In other words, a creator with a score of 50-60% but has incredible content or a highly engaged audience might achieve better results than someone with an 80% score and content that doesn’t hit the mark. Remember, your Customer Success Manager will always be on hand to help you make any decisions you’re weighing up.

BrandMatch AI is currently in Beta and available to all TRIBE users.

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