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Introducing: Subscriptions

Marketers are under more and more pressure to be agile and think quickly. It’s our job at TRIBE to adapt and help marketers take advantage of the firehose of Instant Branded Content we produce.

Tell me about TRIBE's Subscription product

We’ve seen how you’re using the platform, so we’re keen to adapt how we work with you. 

You spoke. We listened. You want better campaign performance, more strategic input across your annual budget, and to remain competitive in the evolving social landscape. You want value. So we know you’ll love our Subscription product.

Can I still use TRIBE for single campaigns?

Yes, you can! You don’t have to subscribe to use TRIBE. If you still want to run campaign-by-campaign, you are more than welcome to.


We call it pay-per-use: the flexibility to run one-off campaigns if you’re not ready to commit to a Subscription plan.



It’s the best choice if you have a single campaign in mind, or simply want to trial the platform to see if it’s right for your influencer and content needs. 

To use TRIBE on an ad hoc basis, there is now a small Campaign Activation Fee of $299 + GST that’ll cover the launch of your campaign, optimising your brief, and access to TRIBE’s vetted community of engaged and awesome Content Creators.

All else remains the same, including  standard TRIBE Campaign Fees and content licensing from $450 per asset.


What are the benefits of a TRIBE subscription?

By subscribing, you clearly have plans and objectives that extend over a longer period of time. We start with understanding these objectives, and craft a shared view of success across the year. You also gain access to a more advanced platform experience with benefits like 1st party audience insights, metrics such as reach & impressions, and subscription-only features like Brand-Fans — which enable you to build more meaningful relationships with your favourite influencers.


We’re here to help when and where we can. You’ll have a dedicated Customer Success Manager who, based on your Subscription plan, will provide dedicated assistance aimed at driving outcomes across your annual influencer and content activity.



You’ll get the first-look at new platform features as they roll out, be the first to access features and get insight into the TRIBE roadmap.



It’s simple: the more you use us, the more you save. A subscription with us eliminates the Campaign Activation Fee, giving you more bang for your buck.


What are the Subscription plans I can purchase?

We’re glad you asked. There are three subscription plans:


Who are you? You’re a small business or single marketing resource that’s looking to drive results through their content and influencer marketing plans. You have an influencer marketing strategy and branded content needs and would like to work closely with us to source awesome Creators, execute campaigns and manage your ongoing content and influencer activity. This plan is for single seat users and unlocks the platform’s advanced data and features.




Who are you? You’re a marketing team of two to five people and are already running multiple campaigns per year, with digital content needs across many advertising and eCommerce channels. You understand the worth of eye-catching content and want to hit the ground running; which is why you’ll unlock access to the full suite of data and features that’ll drive significant performance uplift on your activity.



Who are you? You’re a large agency or global brand that’s well-versed in content and influencer marketing. What you need doesn’t fit in a box; enter a customisable platform solution complete with dedicated account support. Meet your operational and performance objectives with the full package: seats, features, discounts and support. You’re part of the TRIBE fam now and we’re going to treat you like it.


See our pricing page here.