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The Benefits of TRIBE Subscriptions

You've seen the power of community in executing elite influencer strategies.

No longer are these optional tactics.

They are strategies marketers need to drive awareness, engagement and sales. Yet building a creator community is hard. Sourcing, managing and paying creators is like herding cats. Whilst measuring their performance is complex and ever-changing.

TRIBE connects you with creators ready to become your community. Powered by technology and an expert team, it’s never been easier to execute influencer strategies that rival the world’s most innovative brands.

What are the benefits of a TRIBE subscription?

By subscribing, you clearly have plans and objectives that extend over a longer period of time. We start with understanding these objectives and work with you to craft a shared view of success across the year, alongside onboarding, training and varying levels of support from our expert team to manage and drive your strategies. We will also build you custom cohorts of creators throughout the life of your subscription, so you can be sure to always work with the creators that meet your needs.

You’ll also gain access to the TRIBE platform and experience benefits such as 1st-party audience insights, real-time performance metrics, AI-powered creator matching, and features like Brand-Fans enabling you to invest in more meaningful relationships with your favourite influencers. 



Are there different subscription tiers?

Yes. There are two ways to subscribe - TRIBE and TRIBE Plus.

A TRIBE Subscription is for teams looking to power their creator marketing strategies with our end-to-end tech platform and a standard level of support.

We’ll start by understanding your objectives and setting goals before providing onboarding and training via your Customer Success Manager.

Once you’re ready to start running campaigns, you’ll have ongoing access to a Campaign Manager offering support to drive campaign outcomes, while your Customer Success Manager provides ongoing strategic guidance aligned to your annual creator marketing strategy. You’ll also have access to a Community Executive to assist or provide recommendations and management of your creators.


A TRIBE Plus Subscription offers a fully managed, tailored solution offering a premium level of service.

We know there is no one-size-fits-all solution to executing elite creator marketing strategies. By subscribing to TRIBE Plus you’ll benefit from a higher level of service tailored to your unique goals and needs - made possible by our industry-leading tech.

From custom-built creator cohorts to integrated content solutions for Enterprise brands and global teams, your dedicated team will provide the support and expertise you need - when you need it.

With a holistic and strategic approach, you’ll collaborate with your Customer Success, Campaign and Community Managers to discover your goals, define your strategies and tailor a solution that delivers results. We’ll deliver your ideal creators, optimise and manage your campaigns to meet your content requirements and provide guidance and recommendations to drive performance aligned with your strategies.

TRIBE Plus pricing is completely tailored to your needs ensuring our team works with you on a clear and shared definition of success.

For more information, visit our pricing page or get in touch to see the platform in action and discover the TRIBE subscription best suited to you and your team.