TikTok Case Studies By TRIBE

Case Study: TikTok Creators Making Pukka Pies Look (And Sound) Good

The objective:

Drive awareness for their ‘Vegan, by Pukka’ range during ‘Veganuary’

The solution:

Food brands often rely on visual content to whet the appetite of their audiences. To celebrate ‘Veganuary’, Pukka asked TRIBE’s TikTok community to incorporate ASMR style audio to showcase how good the products taste, smell and sound.

Nine macro and micro TikTokkers got in close to the mic with Pukka licensing some of the content for use in their own channels.


Tactics used:

Macro vs Micro


Organic performance

9 tiktok posts | 1,160,300 Total Followers | 227 hrs of total play time

...and growing


Watch the content here

by @tarekkhwiss


by @lopwert


by @chantellethecoach


by @veryhungrygreek


by @daveanica


by @southeastfoodies


by @elizabetzauere


by @tiktokswithemma


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