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Case Study: How Oppo Brothers Launched Their New Product on TikTok

The objective

To drive brand awareness while launching their new “Oppo Brothers Ice Cream Snacking Balls”

The strategy

Unexpected recipe and food content is widely popular on TikTok. With hashtags like #FoodTok racking up over 33 billion views, the potential for food brands to reach new audiences is endless. The only problem? Generating the volume of authentic content needed to cut through.

Oppo Brothers collaborated with TRIBE’s TikTok creator community to generate content featuring fun, unexpected and playful ways to try their new Ice Cream Snacking Balls. Wanting the TikTokkers to have creative freedom, their brief called for “ballsy content that’s relatable and makes us smile”. Creators delivered with feel-good TikToks including a stunning video showing the product brought to life from a watercolour painting.


Tactics used

Micro Creators


Organic Performance

7 TikTok Posts | 592,100 Followers | 80,067 Views | 69,704 Audience | 270.7hrs Play Time

...and growing


Watch the content here

by @lilyghodrati


by @duyguturgok


by @aaliy0h_


by @Jessbobyx


by @laura_jagerpom


by @lianelw


by @stephanievavron


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