TikTok Case Studies By TRIBE

Case Study: Nad’s Waxing Dots: 1 Video. 1 Million Views. 🤯​

The objective

To drive brand and product awareness during the launch of Nad’s Strawberries & Cream Waxing Dots


The strategy

TikTok’s powerful algorithm has exponentially opened up the opportunity for brands and creators to reach new audiences. Nad’s first TRIBE TikTok campaign is the perfect example of authentic content achieving virality.

With a product that needs to be seen-to-be-believed, Nad’s briefed TRIBE’s TikTok creator community to shoot tutorial-style content showing how their Waxing Dots product works. Dozens of diverse and talented creators pitched their ideas including Daniela Álvarez, the beauty and skincare unboxer behind @_lelitas. With 7k followers, Daniela’s authentic and engaging content was viewed over 1 MILLION TIMES! That’s right… the video was viewed by an audience over 142x the size of the creator's following.


Tactics used

Micro Creators | How-To/Tutorial Contetn | Going Viral


Check out the top-performing post


TOP PERFORMER: @_lelitas

1M+ Views | 4653.5hrs Play Time | 7,022 Followers | 30,411 Engagements


Nad’s were so blown away by the results they cleverly licensed the rights to the TikTok arming them with ad creative that has already proven to perform.

Nad’s collaborated with 7 other micro creators including @ashleyjordanx who racked up an engagement rate of 22.09% and @sunnydii_ with 22.93% (both including likes, comments and shares). While some micro creators go viral, others prove the authentic nature of TikTok content can engage an audience in ways we haven’t seen before in influencer marketing.

Organic Performance

8 TikTok Posts | 416,181 Followers | 933,011 Audience | 1,029,337 Views | 33,210 Engagements | $0.08 CPE | 4767.9hrs Play Time
...and growing



Watch the content here

by @sunnydii_


by @ashleyjordanx


by @meliszamcfierce


by @morgan_taylor__


by @_alyssa_lorraine_


by @gabriela.lovee


by @justtaylorthings


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