TikTok Case Studies By TRIBE

Case Study: Cashing in on High Engagement With Authentic Content

The objective:

Trial TikTok for influencer marketing to drive brand awareness

The solution:

Tapping into the authentic nature of TikTok content, online banking app, Monese collaborated with TRIBE’s TikTok community to show how the app leads to unexpected moments that can ‘make your day’. 

7 micro and macro TikTokers created relatable (& funny) content reaching an audience of over 70k who viewed it for over 94 hours!


Tactics used:

Macro vs Micro


Check out the top performing post...




TOP PERFORMER: @thecuriousdesi

1912 Views | 869 Engagements (Not Inlcuding Views) | 45.43% Engagement Rate (Not Including Views)

...and growing


Watch the content here

by @lopwert


by @dfmarin


by @asd.with.a.g.and.t


by @nyrah.saleem


by @sali-mamutchadze


by @victoriasiro


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