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How Maybelline doubled down on their viral product with TikTok Creators

TikTok has fast become a powerful platform to connect with customers. It’s raw, it’s real, it’s authentic. And for beauty brands, short-form ‘how-to’ and ‘haul’ videos are perfect tools to showcase products to the masses – and sometimes even send them viral. 

Enter Maybelline, who in 2021 saw their cult Sky High Mascara sell out 4 times off the back of viral TikTok content. Here’s what they did.

The objective

To keep the momentum up for their already-viral Sky High Mascara by piggybacking off the existing buzz to reach an even wider audience. It worked.

The strategy

Maybelline connected with TRIBE Creators to produce ‘before & after’ videos showcasing their beloved mascara. The hashtags #skyhighmascara and #viralproduct were used to amplify the already overwhelming reaction to their product in order to reach an even wider pool of consumers.    

The results

As more TikTokers join the movement, more organic, user-generated content gets created every day. The Maybelline Sky High Mascara content has been seen over 570 million times to date! 20 TikToks were published through the TRIBE campaign, and their top-performing Creator racked up 841K views alone in just 7 days. With the hashtags still in circulation, that number has now grown to 1.2M views! Check out the post and campaign results below.


Organic Performance

$6.6k Total Investment | 1.3M+ Combined Views | 20 TikTok Posts | 776,541 Reached Audience | 1,365,884 Total Engagements$333 Avg. Post Price | 998,404 Total Followers | 3,326 Hours of Total Play Time | $0.09 Cost per Engagement

and growing.

Check out the top performing post (Arrow)


TOP PERFORMER: @claire_bridgett

93k Followers | 62,608 engagements | 1.2M+ Views | 3,203hrs total playtime


Watch some content from the campaign

by @julianppk








“It was great to have direct contact with talent (as opposed to going through an agency) so I could hear first hand what they thought about our products & brand! 

One creator messaged us directly through the TRIBE to share how excited she was working with us because her content went viral!”

Senior Brand Manager Maybelline New York, Essie & NYX PMUERIN HEILBRUNN
Senior Brand Manager Maybelline New York, Essie & NYX PMU

Senior Brand Manager Maybelline New York, Essie & NYX PMU


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