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Case Study: How TikTok Creators #FoundTheirLight with Logitech

The objective

To drive awareness for Logitech’s newly launched Litra Glow Premium Light

The strategy

If there’s one thing Logitech understands it’s that a workspace and equipment are vital for creativity to flourish. Having run dozens of campaigns globally, Logitech is no stranger to working with TRIBE’s creator community. Their latest brief called for TikTokkers to tell the unique stories of how they found their inner light as a creator and the role lighting plays in expressing themselves.

The TikToks were authentic, engaging, funny, and of course… well-lit.


Tactics used

Micro TikTokkers | Driving Clicks/Sales


Organic Performance

8 TikTok Posts | 1,417,700 Followers | $0.15 CPE | 185,202 Engagements | 507.5hrs Play Time
...and growing


Check out the top-performing post


TOP PERFORMER: @jacktaylor898

13.83% Engagement | 54,400 Views | 93,800 Followers | 7,524 Engagements


Watch the content here

by @chantellethecoach


by @suchpolina


by @lianelw


by @daveanica


by @chaymaesamir


by @georgiepovs


by @ronnietheminilop


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