TikTok Case Studies By TRIBE

Case Study: 0 to 100 with Eylure

The ask:

Create a dedicated, expressive and fearless TikTok video showcasing how to apply Eylure lashes. The more creative and on trend the better!


The objectives:

pink-tick Experiment locally with TikTok.

pink-tick Reach.

pink-tick Engagement.

pink-tick Build relationships with Creators (via TRIBE Brand-Fans feature).

pink-tick Generate content to populate brand account (via TRIBE content Library).


Organic performance

8 TikTok Posts | 387,300 Total Followers | 17,978 Reached Audience | 20,074 Total Engagements (including views) | 39hrs of Total Play Time...and growing


Watch some of the content here

by @digitally.kate


by @niahselway


by @katielcam


Watch the Content


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