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Case Study: Creators bring their #HappyHabits to TikTok

The objective:

Drive awareness for the “Happy Habits’ campaign

The solution:

As part of their wider campaign, Colgate invited TRIBE’s TikTok Creator community to participate in the #HappyHabits hashtag challenge.

The challenge aimed to encourage everyone to brush their teeth twice a day for two minutes.


1. By showing how brushing their teeth was a vital element of winding down with videos of their night-time routine.

2. By making brushing fun while dancing to Colgate’s own ‘Happy Habits’ track and encouraging their audience to use the trending song themselves.


Tactics used:



1. Night-time routine

by @abigail_sophiaa

2. Happy Habits dance challenge

by @duyguturgokdiy


Organic performance

10 TikTok Posts, 672,500 Total Followers, 68.8hrs of Total Play Time, 29,470 Total Engagements (including views)
...and growing


Watch the content here

by @daliawainx


by @imajaay


by @manarchaiire


by @journeytomumof2


by @rubyofmyeye


by @pintsizedbeauty


by @robynhoskin


by @aaliy0h_


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