TikTok Case Studies By TRIBE

Case Study: #SaveMeBudgetDirect

The ask:

HASHTAG CHALLENGE (Vid 1): Inspire your followers to interact with our mural for a chance to win $5K!

DUET (Vid 2): Creator @AshMagic is our news anchor crossing to you on location where there are monster and robot sightings. We’d love you to start your live cross saying “Save me Budget Direct!” while interacting with anything monster or robot-related.


The objectives:

pink-tick Jumpstart our Hashtag Challenge with high-quality content.

pink-tick Reach

pink-tick Engagement


Organic performance

13 TikTok Posts | 1,157,065 Engagements (Including Views) | 669,494 Reached Audience | 322hrs of Total Play Time

Check out the top performing post


TOP PERFORMER: @ryanpaturzo

79,500 Followers | 70,276 Engagements | 833,800 Views | 8.4% Engagement Rate

...and growing


Watch some of the content here

by @shayandnate


by @katrina.west


by @jaredkirkwood


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