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Why I Need to Connect My Instagram Account to a Facebook Page

Facebook and Instagram LOVE Creators like you. Your stunning content not only engages their users but can now be transformed into Branded Content Ads by their advertisers. 

What’s in it for you? Well, brands will not only pay you to publish your influencer post BUT they’ll pay you again to let them promote it as an ad. This means more money AND more followers, because the brand is promoting you to new audiences. 

But first, you’ll need to connect your Instagram account to a Facebook Page. Or if you don’t already have one, create one.


Why does Facebook need me to have a Facebook page?

Simply put, when a brand promotes your Instagram influencer post as a Branded Content Ad, they can promote it across the entire Facebook ecosystem.

Facebook will even change the shape of your post so it can appear everywhere from Messenger Stories to Facebook Marketplace. Full list below.




But in order for your content to appear on any Facebook platform - it CAN’T pull across your Instagram profile - it needs a Facebook profile, which it pulls from your Facebook Page. 

Without a Facebook Page, you’re not as valuable. If a brand is choosing between a Creator with a connected Facebook Page and one without, they’ll most likely choose the former. 

Since we’d hate you to miss out on the collaboration, the extra payment when your post is turned into an ad AND the potential growth, let’s set you up for success!

Especially since it’s so quick.


Before we start, what insights is TRIBE getting when I connect my Facebook Page?

We’re glad you asked. By connecting your Facebook Page, TRIBE gains basic access to your profile and post insights (as seen below) which makes you more valuable to Brands and increases your $$ flow!


That’s great! But how does that make me more valuable to Brands?

Well, let’s break it down for ya:


By gaining access to the reach and engagement of your published posts, Brands can see how loved you are and measure the success of your content. This is extremely important in giving Brands the confidence that influencers, have… well... influence. In short... more business for you and more $$ in your pocket.


Connecting your Instagram Account means Brands can see the age, gender and location of your followers. Rather than matching you with Brands who may not be looking for someone exactly like you, TRIBE can use these insights to ensure you’re only submitting to Brands you have a strong likelihood of getting approved by. Hey there pay checks!


Because Brands can now access all this incredible information, they are even more likely to turn your post into a Branded Content Ad, which can appear across Instagram and Facebook. Oh, and because you're giving a Brand the rights to promote your content in an ad... you’ll get paid again

Click here to see how epic your content could look as a Branded Content Ad.


Okay, I'm in! How do I connect my account to a Facebook page?

Great. All you have to do is reconnect your Instagram account in the TRIBE app. It’ll take you 20 seconds, max!

1. Open up the TRIBE app
2. Go to the 'YOU'  tab
3. Tap on 'Social Accounts'
4. Pick an account
5. Follow the prompts to reconnect your account



Note: In order to connect your Instagram account to a Facebook Page, you need to be an admin on Facebook.


When do I need to do this?

This will soon be mandatory, so you might as well do it now. Buuuuut we also know you’re busy crafting stunning content so just ensure you reconnect your Instagram account through the TRIBE app by March 1, 2020. 


Can I connect a Facebook Page directly through Instagram?

Yep! Here's how:

1. In the Instagram app, open Menu and go to Settings
2. Go to the Creator or Business section
3. Select Connect a Facebook Page
4. Choose Connect existing Page
5. Select the Page from a list and tap Done


What if I don't have a Facebook Page yet?

It’s easy to create one. This will allow brands to cross-promote your content on Facebook - increasing the reach of your post.

Just ensure you match your Instagram profile by choosing the same name and profile pic! If your Facebook Page is different to your Instagram account - it’ll get confusing.




How can I do this directly in Instagram?

When you’re up to the Connect a Facebook Page prompt in your settings (see ‘Can I Connect a Facebook Page Directly Through Instagram?’ above), select Create Facebook Page. Instagram then does its mojo and automatically creates one with the same name as your Instagram handle. Let the page load and you’re done!


What if I have issues connecting through Instagram?

That’s okay. You can connect your Facebook Page to your Instagram account through Facebook too! 

Here’s how on desktop:

1. Head to your Facebook Page
2. Click Settings at the top of your page
3. Select Instagram on the left side column
4. Scroll down and select Connect Account
5. Enter your Instagram username and password and Log In


Do I need to post content to my Facebook Page?

Nup, but you may as well! It’s an incredible opportunity to showcase your best content to a whole new audience on Facebook. Especially since the brand is spending their own money to promote you to those that match your Instagram community. So why not republish your proudest posts from the past on your new Facebook Page, and then automatically republish any future posts on it when you post on Instagram.


Hot Tip: In the ‘bio’ section of your new Facebook Page, write your Instagram handle to drive traffic there as well.


Is a Facebook Page different to a Facebook Profile?

Yep! A Profile is generally your personal page (which might already be linked to your Instagram account as this is the default setting). A Page is public and often business related (say, your brand or product) and needs to be manually connected.

Can I hide my Facebook Page?

In order for marketers to promote your post across Facebook and Instagram, your Page needs to be published and public. Sowwwwy.


So, where could my post appear if a brand promotes it as an ad?

Branded Content Ads


So there you have it; that’s why you need to connect your Instagram account to a Facebook Page! Branded Content Ads are an exciting way for you to make more money doing what you love.

And better yet, more people get to experience your talent.


Want to know how your content will look in each platform? We’ve broken down each ad placement here.