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Branded Content Ads: Where could my influencer post appear?

Congratulations! A brand loves your content so much, they’ve requested to purchase the advertising rights to promote your Paid Partnership as a Branded Content Ad.

This means you’ll get rewarded again! After all, the brand’s not only amplifying your content to a new audience, they’re also leveraging your name, photo and account - which has a value.

So where exactly could your content appear if you allow it?

We’ve listed below, the options a brand will have, when they go to promote your content as an ad in their Facebook Ads Manager:


• Facebook News Feed
• Instagram Feed
• Facebook Marketplace
• Facebook Video Feeds
• Facebook Right Column
• Instagram Explore
• Messenger Inbox


• Facebook Stories
• Instagram Stories
• Messenger Stories


• Facebook In-Stream Videos


• Facebook Search Results


• Facebook Instant Articles


• Audience Network Native, Banner and Interstitial
• Audience Network Rewarded Videos
• Audience Network In-Stream Videos

It goes without saying, you should only accept the brand’s request to purchase the advertising rights to your post if you are 100% comfortable with your content appearing in the placements above.

This list is correct as of February 2020. If you’d like an updated version, please reach out to us via the pink speech bubble intercom-icon on the right of your screen.

If you’re happy to proceed, here’s how to get rewarded again by allowing your Business Partner to promote your post as a Branded Content Ad. Simply head to the base of this step-by-step guide.

Illustration-Confetti Congrats again!