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What the FAQ is a Content Campaign?

Since its launch, the TRIBE app has given influencers the opportunity to make a living from their creativity, simply by creating beautiful content for brands and publishing it on their socials.

But with the introduction of TRIBE Content Campaigns, you can now submit pics and clips for brands to purchase directly, without having to publish to your socials. This means that you can create content for campaigns outside of your following or niche, even if you haven’t cracked 3k followers.

Once approved, brands will use your content for their own marketing channels, without you having to post a thing. You could be seeing your creations splashed across brand newsletters, blogs, websites,magazines or even billboards in no time!

Read on to find out what the FAQ Content Campaigns are all about...

So, What Exactly Is A Content Campaign?

Until recently, there was only one kind of TRIBE campaign: an Influencer Marketing campaign. With an Influencer Marketing campaign, influencers with 3000+ followers would submit content to a brand’s brief, and once approved, publish it to their social accounts.

With the introduction of TRIBE Content Campaigns, influencers with any number of followers can be invited to submit their content for brands to purchase. Once approved, brands have full licence to use your content in their paid advertising campaigns or marketing channels without you having to post a thing.

This could be anything from EDMs, blogs and websites to billboards and magazines! Now that you’re not publishing the #ad to your social accounts, you can submit to as many briefs as you like, with up to three images per campaign.

How Can I join Content Campaigns?

TRIBE Content Campaigns are 'invite only' (well done, you!), which means each influencer invited is hand-picked and carefully selected for each brief. This means you have less competition and more earning potential. 

When new briefs enter the platform, you will receive an email and an app notification to let you know that you’ve been invited to submit to the campaign. It’s then over to you to do your thing and create stunning content for brands to splash across their marketing channels!

You'll find the campaigns in an 'invite only' tab that will appear in the menu next to your campaign feed.


Because you’re not publishing to your socials, Content Campaigns are open to influencers with followings of all shapes and sizes. You get to showcase your creativity up front, and get judged on the quality of your content – not the size of your following.

What's The Approval Process?

With Content Campaigns, you are invited to create and submit up to three pieces of content to a brand’s brief.

The brand will view your content, shortlist and get back to you with any changes, so keep a variety of snaps from each shoot handy for resubmitting. 

Once approved, you get paid within 48 hours and the brand is free to use the image for all of their advertising needs. Done and dusted.

How Much Will I Be Paid?
Will I Get Credit?

You’ll receive $150/£100 per piece of content approved, meaning you could potentially earn up to $450/£300 per campaign. Ka-ching!

While this amount might be less than what some influencers make from Influencer Marketing campaigns, not having to post to your socials means you can put your creativity first, and even create content outside of your niche and following.

This allows you to submit more content to a wider variety of campaigns, while making a lil’ extra cash on the side.

"Content Campaigns give me an opportunity to be creative and increase my earnings without cluttering up my profile with #ads!" - Mihaela Ifrim. 

To put this price into perspective, contributors to most Stock Image sites typically earn up to 35% of the purchase price of their assets. This means for a $10/£5 image, you could earn up to $3.30/£2 in royalties, or $70/£40 for 4k HD video.

Brands aren’t obliged to credit you for your content, however we will always encourage crediting you as best practice.

Can I negotiate The Payment?

As reach and engagement won’t impact the value of your content, our Content Campaign rates are non-negotiable.

But, since you’re not publishing it to your followers, there’s no limit to the amount of campaigns you submit to. You can now submit content to as many campaigns as you want, massively increasing your earning potential!

Can I Still Use The Image After It's Been Licensed?

Unfortunately not. Once your content has been purchased by the brand, they own the rights.

This means you can’t publish it on any blogs, social accounts or sell forward to other brands... But keep an eye out, you might just see your content up in lights!


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