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What is BrandMatch and How Will it Help Me?

You know when you’re scrolling through the TRIBE app and see scores against each campaign? Pay attention, these scores are your secret weapon! 


Don't see your score?

 If you have 3k+ followers on Instagram, head to the ‘YOU’ section of the app and connect your Insta handle to unlock your BrandMatch score. As for the other social platforms, BrandMatch for TikTok is coming very soon to further increase your chances of success with your fave brands!


What's so special about BrandMatch?

“We want to ensure that creators have the best possible chance of making money that is fast, easy and fun through TRIBE, and BrandMatch will help you to see which briefs you have the highest chance of winning,”

Jules Lund, Founder and Chief Innovation Officer at TRIBE.


BrandMatch is a percentage relevancy score that indicates how compatible you are with a brief. Helping  you focus your time and effort on campaigns that you’re best suited for, offering you the highest chance of winning. 

We want you, our creators, to win more AND earn more, and this feature is designed to help you do just that.

In short. 
The higher the score, the better the match.
The better the match, the more likely you are to win. 
And the more you win, the more you earn!

Because we’re all about making it easy, you can also sort your feed by BrandMatch, so the briefs with a high score will appear first. 



Now for the big question…

How is the score calculated?

BrandMatch works similarly to other algorithms you may be used to, like how your Netflix or Spotify account will recommend what you should watch or listen to next. BrandMatch considers three key areas:

1. Influencer Requirements: how well you match the gender, age, social platform, audience size, category and location the brand is looking for.

2. Preferred Audience: how closely your audience matches the target audience the brand is hoping to reach across gender, age and location.

3. TRIBE History: how successful you may have been with similar briefs. It also considers how long you’ve been using TRIBE, so if you’re a newbie then the score you see will be adjusted accordingly.


We already show you the traffic light system for the first two areas when you open a brief, but with the BrandMatch algorithm, you can instantly see which briefs you’re more likely to win.

It’s as simple as that!

Now remember, if you can’t see your score it will likely be because:

1. You haven't connected your Instagram account
Your score is unlocked once your Instagram account is connected. You can do this via the 'YOU' tab in the app. Scroll down to the 'Social Accounts' section, click the '+' and follow the prompts.

2. You don't have 3,000+ followers
If you're still building your audience on Instagram, we won't be able to generate your score just yet. BUT, make sure your social accounts are connected as we have exciting opportunities coming soon for creators with a smaller audience! 🤫


So what are you waiting for?
Start finding your perfect matches!

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