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Keeping Up With Instagram Updates

Instagram app updates have been happening once a week for the last six months, so if you’re feeling like you can’t keep up, you’re definitely not alone!

Everyone’s favourite new Insta-Stories update stole our hearts in late 2016, overtaking Snapchat in worldwide active users by 50 million per day.

With Instagram's clickable links update for their stories, along with other recent additions such as Carousels with multiple photos-sharing, zoom function, comment moderation, sponsored post tag and the Instagram performance analytics update, the opportunities for brands and influencers to achieve and measure their success on the platform is unprecedented!

As their growth shows no sign of slowing down, TRIBE CEO Anthony Svirskis has unpacked all you need to know about the new additions.

Read his summary of the latest and greatest Instagram updates on AdNews, and how they’re impacting digital marketing, via the link below: