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How to Create Your UGC Campaign

Imagine tapping into your consumers’ creativity to build a library of on-brand, on-demand user-generated content (UGC) for use across your owned and paid advertising channels.

Well guess what? Now you can! 🙌

TRIBE Content Campaigns have officially landed to transform your inbox into your very own User-Generated Content Library, shot to spec!

So, how do you kick-start your first Content Campaign? We recommend with the following questions...

What Is Your Overall Objective?

Knowing your brand’s campaign objective and marketing strategy will help you nail your brief first go and attract on-point content! Before writing your TRIBE brief, establish three key campaign objectives to clarify your direction and get the creative juices flowing.

Are you launching a new product? Promoting a new menu item? Do you need some fresh content for your socials? Answering these type of questions will not only save you time when creating your brief, but also attract the best content to best match your brand!

Where Will The Content Be Used?

This may seem obvious, but knowing where your content will be used is going to help you determine exactly what you need from the creator. Give them a clear indication of where their content is going, so they can produce the pics and clips you need.

Are you going to be using the content on digital channels, such as EDMs, websites and blogs? Or will you be showcasing this content on billboards and print media?

Our creators will need as much detail as possible so you can achieve the best results and attract the best submissions.

What Type Of Content Are You Looking For?

Make sure your brief is crystal clear on the type of content you want to receive.

Are you after a specific style? Do you want the product featured in a particular way? Are you after a specific format, such as a Cinemagraph, or a 6-second video?

It’s also SUPER important to nail your mood board to get creators inspired! Only feature images that you’d approve if submitted and that accurately represent your brand. By clarifying your creative direction, creators will be able to better visualise a concept and produce stunning, on-brand content!

If you’ve answered all of these questions, you’re now armed to create a great Content Campaign brief in minutes. Ready to get started? Let us know, here.