Influencer Resources By Kelsie Rimmer

How to Create the Hot Summer Content Brands are Looking For

At TRIBE, we know that influencers absolutely LIVE for summer! The days are warm, light and bright – the nights are long, calm and balmy. It’s prime time for influencer inspo – and for brands cravin’ content!

Summer holidays, trends, events and activities are perfect places to snap effortlessly stunning content that brands are looking for – plus, it’s a great opportunity to bank up hot content for winter! Pretty soon, brands are going to be slingin’ approvals left right and centre for their summer marketing campaigns. So why not increase your earnings while you holiday?

Here’s how to create hot summer content that stands out among the sea of beaches and bikinis...

Track Your Travel

Summer time is the busiest time of year for travel brands. If you’re gonna go on a summer holiday, why not get paid for it?! Check out the briefs listed on the TRIBE app to see which travel brands or products you may be able to integrate into your trip.

@benpstanton for Air Asia
@benpstanton for AirAsia

While you're out soaking up the sun, take advantage of your everyday adventures by documenting your food, sightseeing and experiences to bank up evergreen content in your camera roll! You never know when it'll come in handy for brands later down the track. 

Eat, Drink and Be Merry!

The app is overflowing with mouth-watering food and drink brands all year round, but they really crave your content during summer.

The warmer months present so many opportunities for the perfect foodie pic: picnics in the park, cocktails by the pool, dinner on the deck, brunch on the beach – the possibilities are endless! 

@phebrown for San Remo
@phebrown for San Remo Pasta

Consider using Cinemagraphs or Boomerangs to capture the most moving moments, like pouring milk in your coffee, drizzling syrup over your pancakes or cracking pepper on your smashed avo. 🤤

Document Your Events

While gettin’ out and about is always a popular pastime for influencers, it is at an all time peak during the summer season! The warm weather inspires all kinds of events - parties, functions, fashion shows, sports games, live music… the list goes on and on. 

aday_inthelifeof_us for Bio Confetti
@aday_inthelifeof_us for BioConfetti

While brands used to use celebrities to promote and raise interest in their events, these days they’re much more interested in using passionate content creators to push their promo.

Suss out the app for upcoming summer soirees, or simply document the glitz and glamour of your own summer events to use in the future.

Share Your Summer Stories

In addition to giving your followers a glimpse into your summer lifestyle, Stories allow you to engage your followers multiple times a day, without having to actually post multiple times per day.

@uzypaws for ExtremeIceCream
@uzypaws for Drumstick

A perfect reflection of the laid-back summer lifestyle, they’re a casual, easy and relaxed way to put brands at the front and centre of your followers’ feeds. Why not offer a behind-the-scenes Insta Story with your submission to pad out your post? Time to top up those summer savings!

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