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A 2021 Guide to Influencer Marketing

As new purchasing behaviours replace traditional retail methods, the nature of social commerce continues to redefine itself. So, what is social commerce (a.k.a Scommerce)? It’s the use of social networks and interactions in assisting online selling. With powerful tools like Instagram’s Reels, Instagram Shops, Facebook Pay and Instagram Live’s badges, Social Commerce is quickly becoming a rich and engaging alternative to encounters with physical retailers and modern-day Ecommerce stores.

And at the backbone of this? Influencer Marketing.

Where do I find influencers? How much does it cost? How do I achieve ROI? Where do I start?

At TRIBE, we've worked with 9,000+ companies across different sizes and industries. Based on our research and experience, we’ve put together a guide to get you started. From finding the right tools to developing a strategy, and measuring your campaign ROI, consider this your 2021 guide to influencer marketing.