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8 Current Trends on Social Media to Inspire Your Content Creation

Trends come and go, and lately, it feels like things are coming in and out of style faster than ever.

So when your job revolves around being trendy and current, it can feel pretty overwhelming to try and stay on top of standard practices, especially if you’re operating on multiple platforms. The way we use Instagram has changed a lot in the last year alone, with users seeing more relatable content influencers using their influence to enact change.

With that in mind, here are the latest happenings across social media that every content creator should know about.



Instagram Reels — the platform’s answer to TikTok — launched last year, and it’s only getting more popular with every passing day. In April, they finally introduced a feature similar to duets on TikTok called ‘Remix’, which lets users react to other videos. 

It's a great way to generate views and engagement, especially if the original creator reposts your video. It also seems like the Instagram algorithm is favouring Remixes, as part of a push to get more people using the tool. So now is the time to jump on board!



These are essentially a collection of images shared as a Carousel in a single post, kind of like a visual diary. Photo dumps are great for sharing a handful of images from a trip, or over a single weekend. They tend to be more candid, rather than staged photo shoots that have been over-curated.


Screenshot of Instagram carousel post flicking through 8 images of New York City and people



For nearly a decade, Instagram has been the place for aspirational content that has been filtered to the ninth degree. 

But in the last year, users have been seeking posts that are more honest and relatable. 

We’re tired of being bombarded with these glossy depictions of life that, deep down, we know aren’t real. With COVID and social justice issues coming to a head in 2020, influencers around the world are leaning into sharing the realities of their day-to-day life, no matter how unglamorous.


Screenshot of Instagram post with a person taking a selfie while "barely holding it together"



In the same vein as being open and relatable, the number of highly-filtered photos on Instagram has seen a steep nose dive.

Sure, some small edits and colour corrections still take place, but for the most part, the content is as close to real life as possible. Ditch the lens flares and the Facetune, in 2021 we’re all about embracing authenticity.


Screenshot of an Instagram reel feeaturing a person with a text overlay "Your daily reminder that social media is fake'



If the ‘10s were the era of the selfies, then the ‘20s is the era of the self timer. 

You don’t need a fancy tripod and remote shutter to get good photos of yourself. Just set your phone on self timer—or use an app like Lens Buddy—balance your phone somewhere, and start posing.



Instagram Stories aren’t just the place for photos that aren’t good enough for your feed. It's where you can get fun, experimental and authentic with your content; and really connect with your audience. The more your followers watch and engage with your Stories, the more likely your content will be pushed to them on a regular basis.


Repost content, share educational info, upload your favorite TikToks, host Q&A sessions; the options are endless. 



We’ve seen a surge in people using the question sticker in inventive ways, like ‘tell me a date and I’ll post a photo from my camera roll.’ It's a fun way to remind your followers that you’re just another regular person. 

A couple of years ago, when Stories first became popular, tutorials were all the rage for making aesthetic Stories with cool filters and editing. But now, Stories are more regularly used as a behind-the-scenes glimpse into our lives.



No matter how small your follower count, you have a platform and you need to use it.

As an influencer, you have the opportunity to help share information and educate your followers. You don’t need to turn your channel into some kind of news outlet, but occasionally sharing links and informative posts can go a long way.

Instagram is no longer just an aesthetic highlight reel, it’s a place to begin informed conversations and share our unique experiences. Accounts like @shityoushouldcareabout have great shareable posts and carousels that you can easily repost.



Social media users want to follow influencers with similar perspectives and ethics to their own. 

Of course, not everyone will agree with your values, but it's better to be open and honest with your audience, than to hide it for the sake of mass approval. Being genuine about your life and how you choose to live it will add a level of authenticity to your content that the average person loves. 



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