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5 Inspiring Approaches to Beauty Influencer Marketing on TRIBE

Creator and Influencer Marketing have changed how brands reach new audiences and generate impactful content that drives performance & sales. This is perhaps most true in the beauty industry, where marketers significantly benefit from visually showcasing their products in action, backed by the authentic, story-led voices of everyday people.

Given that 65% of consumers purchase beauty products after seeing reviews on socials - it’s clear having an influencer strategy isn’t a nice-to-have in the beauty industry, it’s essential.

Some of the world’s leading beauty brands have partnered with TRIBE and built their creator communities to go to market with product launches, run large-scale activations, generate high-performing content and execute long-term strategies.

Having seen thousands of beauty campaigns run through our platform we’ve had a birds-eye view of what tactics, strategies and creative campaign ideas deliver excellent results.

Keep reading for a taste of 5 inspiring approaches to running successful beauty Influencer Campaigns on TRIBE.



In an industry as competitive as beauty and personal care, being on top of trends needs to be top of mind. This is exactly why Vaseline ran their ‘Slugging with Vaseline’ TRIBE campaign. Skin #slugging is a viral skincare trend that has racked up over 1.2B views on TikTok. It involves the practice of applying a layer of petrolatum jelly to your face to protect and moisturise your skin overnight.

With trending organic content already featuring their product alongside those of their competitors, Vaseline had the perfect opportunity to partner with creators who could specifically celebrate the unique benefits of their OG Petrolatum Jelly.  

The approach:
Vaseline invited female TikTok and Instagram creators aged between 18 and 45 and living in the U.S. - with audiences in that same demographic. Dozens of TRIBE creators pitched their creative ideas for video content demonstrating how skin slugging works and why Vaseline Jelly is ideal for achieving a healthy glow.

The result:
The Vaseline team selected 12 of their favourite creators to shoot and publish content to Instagram and TikTok. With their target audience in mind, they collectively
reached almost half a million consumers, 80% of whom were female, 60% between 18 and 45 and 66.7% located in the U.S. - their ideal customer.

The best part? The content resonated, racking up an outstanding engagement rate of 8.16% helping Vaseline build positive brand sentiment in an already loud viral moment. 



The key takeaway:
Vaseline was able to strike the delicate balance of being on top of a trend that’s highly relevant to their brand and working with the ideal creators to reach their desired audience. A great example of the power of relatability via creators.



From Black History to Mental Health and Cancer Prevention Awareness Month, the calendar is full of moments to pause and raise awareness for what impacts us most. For brands, it’s not always an easy thing to do without appearing disingenuous particularly if your message comes from your brand itself.

Partnering with creators and real people who can relate to these moments is an effective way to be authentic, as is aligning how your brand or products can help the issue is even more powerful. That’s what Nioxin achieved when running their ‘National Hair Loss Awareness Month’ campaign on TRIBE. Hair loss affects millions of people and with products that genuinely assist in preventing it, Nioxin had the perfect opportunity to raise awareness for the cause and for their products. 

The approach:
Nioxin briefed TRIBE’s creator community to shoot video content demonstrating how their ‘Ultimate Power Serum’ helps keep hair thicker, with less shedding with a particular focus on speaking to women experiencing post-partum hair loss. 

The result:
38 creators crafted TikToks and Reels which were published to a
combined audience of over 1.5M, with almost 250k views and an average engagement rate of 37.61% across TikTok and Instagram. Check out some of the highest-performing content below.



The key takeaway:
Aligning with causes that matter to people is a great way for brands to build an emotional connection with their customers. Communicating that message via creators who can tell the story of their own experiences is an incredibly powerful way for brands to increase that connection with relatability. Just ensure you’re finding the right causes to align with because your customers can see right through bandwagoning.



Unlike many other industries, beauty customers still prefer to make purchases in-store because they can see products in action, test them out and seek expert advice from staff. Fortunately, those same customers still interact online in droves with 82% of beauty shoppers using Instagram at least once a day.

The opportunity for beauty brands to digitally attract and convert their customers lies in partnering with creators to shoot engaging how-to content demonstrating their products. They’ll see how your products work through the lens of an everyday person they already like, relate to and trust - offering that bit of reassurance your customers would gain by testing your products in-store. 

The approach:
Tangle Teezer has cleverly taken this approach across almost 40 TRIBE influencer and Content Campaigns (where they collaborate with creators to craft content for them to license for their own channels) and have built an engaged community of 100 Brand-Fans - allowing them to quickly go to market with campaigns featuring creators who’ve already proven to perform.

Check out some of their content below or discover what they achieved during the very first TikTok campaign



The key takeaway:
Collaborating with creators who can show how your product works… works! But, doing so with a genuine community of brand advocates is even more powerful. By partnering with TRIBE, Tangle Teezer has built a community of everyday people who know and love their products allowing them to easily generate on-brand content that’s already to proven to perform. 



We don’t need to tell you the beauty industry is dominated by women and brands have an arsenal of strategies and tactics to market to them.  Given that 82% of beauty influencers are female, Creator Marketing is particularly powerful in reaching and converting female customers who resonate with the relatable, trustworthy and educational content beauty creators produce.

But, what does that mean for a male grooming brand like Manscaped looking to reach the men? Is all hope lost? Definitely not, because it’s all about the audience. 

Despite only 18% of beauty creators being men, Manscaped were able to:

1. Discover male creators in TRIBE’s community with a large percentage of men in their audience who would purchase the products themselves.

2. Tap into the much larger pool of female creators to speak to women who hold purchasing power for the men in their lives. 


The approach:
To advertise their ‘Body Buffer’ and ‘Ultra Premium Body Wash’ products, Manscaped briefed TRIBE’s creator community to share fun and relatable stories about their experiences with grooming or how the act of self-care has improved their confidence.

Dozens of creators pitched their ideas for Instagram posts, Reels and Stories providing Manscaped with a variety of creative angles and stories that spoke to their target audience.

The result:
Using BrandMatch AI - TRIBE’s AI-driven percentage score, Manscaped were able to quickly identify creators who best matched their goal of reaching men. 15 micro creators were chosen for the campaign allowing Manscaped to reach a
combined audience of almost 250k - of which over 35% were men. By focusing on targetting the right audiences the content resonated with an overall average engagement rate of 22.61%!

Check out the results below from two of the top-performing male and female creators.

0923-Beauty-IM-Inspo-Manscaped-1The key takeaway:
When we think of beauty influencers, it’s easy to default to thinking of women speaking to other women but there is a real opportunity collaborating with creators to reach men on social media. While it’s a smaller audience, it’s certainly a highly engaged one. 



Virality on TikTok has changed social media with users relying on the platform to stay on top of trends and learn about products masses of people love - hence the dominance of hashtags like #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt and TikTokMadeMeTryIt.

Brands like Rimmel have realised the power of doubling down with creators when one of their products organically has a viral moment by generating content that keeps that virality going. 

The approach:
Rimmel briefed TRIBE creators to shoot TikToks showcasing their most trending and viral products to share the unique benefits and overall tell the story of why they’re must-have beauty essentials. 

The result:
Over 80 of TRIBE's top beauty creators pitched their creative ideas to the brief with Rimmel selecting their fave 5 who delivered content with an average
engagement rate of 7.88% and racking up loads of positive sentiment from their customers. 



The key takeaway:
Any social media manager or creator will tell you virality isn’t easy to achieve. The #1 challenge is having the ability to shoot a volume of content fast enough to keep up with trends - which is exactly why having a go-to creator community who know and love your brand is vital.


The secret to high-performance Beauty Influencer Marketing

In an industry as competitive as Beauty and Personal Care there are thousands of approaches brands can take to running high-performance campaigns that drive sales and deliver long-term business results.

The secret to success lies in having a clear strategy and goals so you can identify the creators who will best tell the story of your brand, build connections with your customers and celebrate the true value of your products.

TRIBE’s opt-in, diverse creator community is the answer to building your community of advocates. Combined with our industry-leading tech that automates the tasks we all hate and our expert team are equipped to understand your goals and deliver results - we’re ready to take your Creator Marketing to the next level.

Whether you’re looking for tech to help you move faster with higher-quality creators or searching for an expert team to partner with and supercharge your performance get in touch with our team.

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