Brand Resources By Kelsie Rimmer

Your 2019 Summer Campaign: 4 Instagram Trends to Watch!

Did you think influencer marketing went cold over summer? Well, it’s actually the opposite. Social posts increase by about 30 percent in summer time - in fact, posts including the word ‘travel’ have been shown to spike by 46 percent!

Holidays, adventures, beach parties, bike rides - Influencers absolutely LIVE for summer, and their followers do too.

The bottom line? While it might be holiday weather, this is no time for your marketing strategy to take a vacation!

Summer time is when influencers are most inspired, meaning that it’s also the perfect time for brands to capitalise on holidays, events, food & drink, seasonal trends and travel destinations by activating influencer marketing.

From summer fashion flat lays to beach bonfire boomerangs to seaside cinemagraphs, the potential content combos are truly endless! 
Summer actions become transactions, so why not switch on your summer influencer marketing campaign while you switch off?

Here a few unique ways to capitalise on hot holiday trends and cultivate a bank
of stunning summer content to make your brand stand out in a sea of beaches and bikinis.


Cinemagraphs are the latest motion trend taking our socials by storm, and it’s not hard to see why - these illusions are seriously thumb-stopping! Simply a still image within which a minor and repeated movement occurs. 


@supergolden88 for Lakeland


Cinemagraphs are something a little bit outside the box and are perfect for capturing your brand or product in a stunning summer light – think shimmering oceans and flickering bonfires. Mesmerising!

Instagram Stories

Jumping on an influencer’s Instagram Stories is a super effective, authentic marketing move for brands. Stories are an opt-in form of content – where people can actively choose to engage – which means that the interaction you receive is more meaningful, authentic and deliberate.


Plus, it gives an influencer’s followers the feeling that they’re getting a genuine, sneaky lil’ peek into their world, giving your brand even more cred. 


Boomerangs are absolutely BOOMING on Instagram. They’re quick, quirky and – let’s face it – addictive AF. Not quite a video and not quite a still, Boomerangs are a string of images that flash back and forth, creating a “boomerang” effect.

@nourish_naturally for BIC Soleil

Boomerangs are perfect way to add a lil’ fun and action to your summer marketing plan – think big splashes, clinking glasses and twirling sundresses. Delightful!

Drone Footage

The potential for the most amazing content often lies in the least accessible of places. Thanks to drones, influencers can display your brand from an entirely different perspective - bird’s eye to be specific!

@benpstanton for @benpstanton for AAMI

Shot from above, drone footage can instantly transform an otherwise regular photo or video into something truly incredible.

@mtalbot8@mtalbot8 for AAMI 

Think sweeping shots of breathtaking beaches , stunning landscapes, or glistening oceans.