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Mastering Mock Shots: The Dos and Don’ts

Mock shots can be a popular topic of conversation (or confusion). Some brands want ‘em, some don’t. Why do brands ask for them? What content do they expect from creators? When should you submit one? 

Here are the dos and don’ts for submitting mock shots to TRIBE campaigns.


So, what is a mock shot?

A mock shot is a crafted piece of content that is requested by a brand. (keyword: requested😉). They’re a way for you to express your interest in working for a brand who intends to send you the product or a discount code to purchase the product for less.

Brands can phrase this in a few different ways:

1. “Submit a pitch post / mock shot”

2. “Submit an expression of interest”

3. “Submit something similar to what you’d create”


TRIBE app mock shots

Then what? Well, once you submit a mock shot / expression of interest and upon review, a brand decides they’d LOVE to work with you, they’ll reach out! Then, you can resubmit with the actual product.


Why do some brands ask for mock shots and others don’t?

Generally, if a brand has a product above $20 - $25, we encourage them to request mock shots or expressions of interest from creators so that you aren’t out of pocket too much. We might also encourage this if their product is not easily attainable.


The ✔️ and ❌ of mock shots


✔️ Be thoughtful and intentional with what you submit. Show the brand you’ve read the brief
✔️ Create content that will genuinely be similar to your final submission (minus the product of course!)
✔️ Get creative and try to stand out in the inbox
✔️ The brand will be in touch if they like your submission. Once you have the product, re-shoot it and submit your final content


❌ Submit content that doesn’t relate to the brief
❌ Submit content that isn’t yours (that means no screenshots from Pinterest or social media)
❌ Submit content that is low quality
❌ Submit content that doesn’t represent your best work
❌ Be lazy. Think of mock shots as submitting a concept; you’ll want to get as close to the real deal as possible

So, when should you submit a mock shot? In short, only when the brand specifically asks you to.


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