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What’s the Deal With ‘Hungry Campaigns’?

As a TRIBE Creator, you’ve probably seen the term ‘Hungry Campaign’ floating around.

So what’s the deal? What makes a campaign ‘hungry’? And why should you get in quick to FEED IT?!

We asked our Creators what they thought a Hungry Campaign was, and some of the answers we got back were:

“A brand with lots of money”
“A brief with a quick turnaround”
“A brief that isn’t getting enough content”
“A brand that isn’t getting the content that they’re looking for”


We thought we’d clear things up once and for all by giving you the full rundown on Hungry Campaigns: What are they? How do they work? Why should you be submitting to them ASAP?


So, what exactly is a Hungry Campaign?

A Hungry Campaign is a BIG-budget campaign with an appetite for lots of approvals! 

Essentially, this means that the brand has a sh*tload of money to spend and/or they’re looking for a sh*tload of content. In short, the campaign needs to be fed with lots of tasty submissions to use up their budget. 

When a Hungry Campaign comes along, you know that the brand sees the value of your influence. They really want to see the depth and variety of content from a range of talented Creators to get their brand out there!

With these brands so eager to approve heaps of submissions, you’re more likely to get your content approved.

The bottom line? If you’re looking for the best return on your time and effort as a Creator, Hungry Campaigns are where you should be putting your energy! More approvals. More mullah.

How do you know which campaigns are 'hungry'?

The trick is to keep an eye on your email inbox, and the @tribe.creator Instagram account. This is where we keep you informed about the latest Hungry Campaigns. Dive into your inbox to find a weekly Hungry Campaigns email showing what campaigns you can get a quick win with!

The more submissions a campaign needs, the ‘hungrier’ it is and the more chance you have of scoring an approval!


How can you boost your chances of approval?

Because these campaigns have bulky budgets, there is already a higher chance you will get approved. Of course, your submission still needs to be high quality and in line with the brand’s brief to be successful. Here are some tips:

• Make sure your feed and content aligns with the brand – if you’re a good match, you’re much more likely to get a win

• Double, triple, even quadruple check the mood board to ensure your submission suits the style 

• Check out the brand’s socials to get a feel for their vibe and their tribe

• Have a few variations handy in case the brand asks for multiple submissions

• Get in QUICK – don’t wait around for all the submissions to get filled

• Read the brief! This might sound obvious, but a little attention to detail goes a long way

How can you get in first?

Wanna hear about our hottest Hungry Campaigns as soon as they drop in the TRIBE app? 

Make sure you’re receiving our Hungry Emails each week to feed your appetite! And follow @tribe.creator on Insta to stay in the loop.