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TikTok Live Is Changing and Here's What Creators Should Know

An essential part of being an influencer is feeling connected to your audience. TikTok Live gives influencers a chance to engage with their followers, allowing them to interact IRT (in real-time). It’s a chance for followers to ask any questions they may have and get an immediate response. 

The great thing about TikTok Live is that they don't require as much thought or planning as other types of content. You just need to find a quiet space, sit down, and start a conversation with your TikTok live community!

Not only do Lives let your followers get to know you better, they also give you the chance to get to know them. You can pay attention to what your viewers are discussing in the comments and let them tell you what kind of content they want to see from you in the future. Another benefit to going live is the ability to collaborate with other influencers. Joint live streams not only double your audience but also expose your channel to a whole new TikTok Live community, allowing you to further grow your following organically.

TikTok knows how valuable live streaming is to their users, so they’re always trying to improve the live feature experience for both content creators and viewers. 

So let’s take a look at the latest changes to TikTok live and lay out everything influencers like you need to know.


What are the changes and updates to TikTok Live?

They’re focusing on safety

Because of the immediate nature of live streaming, TikTok wants to make sure that all users and creators are safe. They’ve made a few changes and improvements to their Live feature to help protect their users. To go live on TikTok, users will now need to be at least 18 years (previously, users only needed to be 16 to host a Live). TikTok has restricted the age for Direct Messaging to 16, plus viewers need to be 18+ to be able to send gifts on Live.

From now on, creators can choose if they want their Lives to only reach adult audiences. This is a good option for those who feel that the content or topic of their Lives may not be suitable for those younger than 18. 

They’re also improving their keyword filtering tool, which allows creators to limit inappropriate comments. Now, live streamers will receive reminders about this tool which will suggest new keywords they may want to limit based on the comments they’re removing.

The multi-guest feature has been upgraded

On the upgraded multi-guest feature, you can go live with up to five other guests in a grid or panel layout. This is handy for keeping audiences engaged with Q&As or opening up conversations to involve your viewers. 

Influencers can make the most of this new update by hosting follow-along tutorials, like cooking a meal or trying out a new hairstyle. You could even host a quiz on your Live with other influencers — or even some of your followers.


How can you master TikTok Live? 

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