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Should I Upgrade to an Instagram Creator Account?

We’ve waited years for this update! So the answer is... YES. YES. YES.

Not only has Instagram designed an account specifically for talented creators like you, but the timing is perfect. Instagram is rolling out a whole stack of tools making it easier for brands to sell products, and it just so happens, they need your help to promote them.

What is Instagram releasing for brands?

One of the more exciting tools is called Shopping From Creators and the idea is for brands to allow you to tag their products in paid partnerships so your followers can purchase those products with three taps using Instagram Checkout. Yep! Soon you can buy products without leaving the app.

Shopping From Creators is rumoured to drop mid 2020, but in the meantime Instagram has released Branded Content Ads, where brands can easily turn your paid partnership into an ad.


What's in it for me?

TRIBE Upgrade to Instagram Creator Account

If a brand sees your audience loving your paid partnership, they can now promote your content as a Branded Content Ad. To do this, brands first need to purchase the advertising rights off you. So not only do you get rewarded for your paid partnership, but you’re now getting paid for content rights. Learn more here.

Not to mention, Branded Content Ads relieve a lot of the pain-points brands have been experiencing with influencer marketing. For instance, marketers have been craving insights and a way for your followers to click through to their product. With that solved, influencer marketing becomes a sales and marketing channel impossible to ignore. Prepare for a surge in money-making opportunities. 😜


It's getting harder these days to grow your audience. If only you had the money to promote all of your best posts! Well, that the point of Branded Content Ads, except you won’t be footing the bill.

When brands purchase the advertising rights to your content, they can now promote it to an audience of their choice. Naturally one that matches your audience, as that’s why they partnered with you in the first place! As brands spend money to promote their brand, they’re also promoting YOU, leading to greater growth.


When you upgrade to a Creator account, you’ll have all the same features as Business accounts, but with more metrics that matter most.

For example, check out this Follow / Unfollow data so you can now see exactly which content turns your followers on or off.

Instagram Insights

The only feature Creator accounts don’t carry over from Business Accounts is the ability to auto-publish via third party scheduling tools BUT you may no longer need those because you can now schedule via Instagram itself. Which leads to the 4th reason to upgrade to a Creator Account.



Introducing Facebook and Instagram’s Creator Studio! Your one-stop shop to manage all of your collaborations via your desktop. It houses...

• Your Content Library
• Advanced analytics
• Ability to schedule Feed & IGTV posts for up to 6 months in advance
• Messaging. So you can manage all your accounts from one inbox
• Real time tips to grow your audience
• Monetisation tools
• And loads more

Prefer to manage everything from your mobile? Perhaps that’s the biggest perk of upgrading to a Creator Account. You now have an inbox with high-quality filters, so DM’s that matter most don’t get lost in a sea of small talk.

Creators accounts get exclusive access to two Direct Messaging filters:

Instagram Creative Studio

Your Primary inbox is custom-built for collaborations. Not only will it capture brands (both new and those you’ve partnered with) but also fellow creators who might want to collaborate. How does it know which creators are most relevant? If you both share a lot of the same audience. Clever, hey?

You also have greater control over how you’re contacted. Unlike Business Accounts, as a creator, you’re no longer forced to display a contact button on your profile. Plus you can now brand yourself as a designer, gamer, musician, entrepreneur and so on.

I'm SOLD! How do I upgrade to a Creator account?

Make the switch in 15 secs...

Upgrading to Instagram Creator Account
With all these exciting innovations, your talent for crafting branded content has never been more in demand.

Now that Creator accounts provide so much value to you and your partners, TRIBE will soon require all creators to upgrade from a Personal Account. But as we now know, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Upgrade now.


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