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Short-Form Video Starts With Pre-Approval

It’s official! Short-form video has engulfed our feeds. 

It’s no surprise. Not only does video storytelling hook consumers - it converts them. With a whopping 89% of users purchasing a product they discovered in a social video. 
That’s great, but how do marketers capitalize on this and produce video ads that replicate those viral creator clips?

At TRIBE, we have a couple of ways we can help:

1. For starters, you can run a TRIBE Influencer Campaign and license the top-performing content to deploy as ads from your brand account on all key platforms.

2. Or you can skip to a TRIBE Content Campaign and source pics and clips from creators to use purely as your ads. In this scenario, creators won’t publish content to their followers.

So what is Pre-Approval and how does it help?

Pre-Approval is a popular feature we first released on our Influencer Campaigns and after much anticipation, is now available on Content Campaigns.

In short, Pre-Approval gives brands more control and creators more freedom.


This is particularly true with short-form videos. Rather than creators shooting their final content before you’ve had a say, now they’ll pitch their idea for your feedback first. This will be accompanied by their bio and portfolio showcasing what they’re capable of.

Once you’re both aligned in the direction, you’ll Pre-Approve their submission with a 50% prepayment. This provides the creator with the security they need to now invest the time and energy into your video.

Pre-Approving a content campaign submission

What if I don't need creators to pitch their idea first?

Good call. Whilst it’s unlikely a creator will organize a shoot with no guarantee of being approved, they might be open to basic requests. Maybe you’re a pet food brand simply wanting a pic of the creator’s dog from their camera roll. Or you’re a florist asking creators to explain how special their partner is. 

In these scenarios, Pre-Approval still plays a role if you need them to edit their content in some way. Creators are now given permission to first ask you to Pre-Approve their submission. This 50% prepayment makes it safe for them to go ahead and do the work. Since you’re genuine in your intention to approve their submission, there’s no difference in your experience. You’re simply committing half of their fee upfront.

What if I Pre-Approve a creator but they don't deliver?

We got you. Just let us know or select the ‘X’ icon to decline the Pre-Approved submission. This will give you the opportunity to explain your situation. From there, our compliance team will review your correspondence with the creator and determine the most reasonable outcome. 

What if I'm the one who can't deliver?

It happens. Maybe your budget was cut short or the direction of your campaign changed. Either way, if a creator has held up their end of the bargain, they should be rewarded and paid their 50% fee. Simply select the ‘X’ icon to decline their submission, add your explanation and we’ll share it with the creator with their half payment.


So in summary... how does Pre-Approval help me?


Despite the name, short-form video takes time. This innovative workflow leads to fewer edits and reshoots because all parties are on the same page. Not to mention, creators know you’re serious about purchasing their content, so they’re far more invested and responsive.

There’s also another dynamic that speeds up your campaigns. Creators will only pitch if they genuinely want to work with you or believe they have a great idea. So right at the start of your campaign, you’re showered with exciting ideas to choose your faves from. Not only is it faster, but a lot more fun than filtering creators from a database and reaching out to them one by one.



Before short-form video took over, brands were very specific in their direction to creators. I.e. “Feature our app in your phone with a vibrant backdrop”. Creators were fine with this since there’s not an endless amount of ways to photograph an app anyway.

But short-form video is different. There really are endless ways creators might bring to life the story of your app. You might run a campaign with 30 creators and not one video is alike. This is exactly what you want since no one can predict which video will catch wind! Just ask Doggface.

This is why brands now brief video creators differently. They trust that creators know best so direction is more open-ended. I.e. “Here’s the goal, let your imagination run wild!” Pre-Approval is the mechanic that makes that pitch possible. And now that it’s available across both of TRIBE’s campaign types, not only can you surface ideas you might never think of, but you have an even better opportunity to shape them.


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